Asphalt Rejuvenation Continues

10/18/17 UPDATE:

10/16/17 UPDATE:

  • Map 1 Phase C will begin Monday 10/16 at 1:30pm.  Please remove all vehicles from this area.
  • The crack fill for Map 1 Phase A will be done within the next 4 weeks. The crews were unable to do the crackfill on phase A because it rained the morning they were scheduled to crackfill and paint, so they got the lines painted early and then reopened the lots before the rain.  They will be back to crack fill this area at the end.  They should not need to close down the lots do to the crackfill.
  • If needed, fire lanes will be repainted after all rejuvenation is completed.

10/13/17 UPDATE:

  • DEMOTT TOWNS: Referring to MAP 3 work will be performed on “AREA A” streets 10/18-10/19; “AREA B” streets 10/20-10/21; “AREA C” streets 10/23-10/24
  • SUNDIAL, BEXLEY, SUNDANCE: Referring to MAP 5, work will be performed on “AREA B” streets 10/20-10/21, “AREA A” streets 10/23-10/24

10/12/17 UPDATE: 

  • VILLAGE TOWNS & MILFORD SINGLES: Referring to MAP 1 work will be performed on “AREA B” streets 10/13-10/14;  “AREA C” streets 10/16-10/17

What to expect and other info:

  • Day 1: 7:00 AM Crews will close streets with barricades and yellow caution tape.  A towing company will be called to relocate any vehicles remaining on the road. Streets will be blown to remove debris and rejuvenator product will be applied.  A smaller machine will cut in the edges near the curb, followed by a larger machine that will apply the product to the bulk of the roadway.
  • Day 2: 7:00 AM Crews will apply crack sealing and paint parking space stripes street by street until complete. The areas will reopen to traffic as soon as the rejuvenator and paint dry, typically within a few hours.
  • All work is weather permitting. The pavement must be 100% dry at least 2 hours before, all during, and for at least an hour after the application is complete.

We post updates from the contractor as soon as we get them and appreciate your patience during this project. Questions may be directed to or 703-729-9704. For more information about the rejuvenation process, please review the TRITechnology website at

UPDATE 10/11/17:

  • AREA A” is complete and streets are open to drive on.
  • ‘AREAS B & C’ of Map 1 are on hold as of 10/10 due to expected precipitation 10/11 and 10/12. Please stay tuned to the website and push notices from the app for updates when these areas will be blocked for work. The pavement must be 100% dry at least 2 hours before, all during, and for at least an hour after the application is complete.

UPDATE 10/8/17:

Due to the weather, asphalt rejuvenation for Area A of Map 1 streets in the Village Dr and Milford Dr sections will begin on Tuesday, October 10 and continue into Wednesday, October 11. All vehicles must be removed from the streets and parking spaces, otherwise they will be towed at the owner’s expense. Please click on Map 1 to determine which streets are part of Area A. We will continue to post updates based on upcoming weather conditions.


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