Solar Energy System

Broadlands installed 128 solar panels on the roof of the HOA office building at 21907 Claiborne Parkway to generate power to offset the usage for that building. This nearly 40 kW system can potentially offset over 40 tons of CO2 emissions each year!

Check out the solar energy monitoring website to see how much power our system is currently producing.

Here is a chart showing the energy produced by HOA building’s array (in megawatts) since inception:

Megawatts of energy produced each month by HOA Office Building system.

Want solar for your home?

Solar can be a great way to offset your utility bills – but be sure to do your homework to be sure it’s right for your home. Here are a few resources to get you started:

Commercial Buildings

If you own a commercial building in Broadlands, you can also benefit from solar. Business owners can benefit from: