Asphalt Rejuvenation Services on HOA-Owned Roads

Broadlands has contracted with TRiTechnologies to perform asphalt rejuvenation services on the HOA-owned roads within the community. Asphalt rejuvenation extends the serviceable life of pavement for several years. The rejuvenator application penetrates the asphalt surface, replenishing the oils and provides a seal on the surface to protect the underlying pavement from the aging effects of air, sunlight, water and fuel. It seals hairline cracks and restores the flexibility that prevents cracking.  Not only does it save money, it’s also more environmentally friendly than milling and repaving on a more frequent basis.

The estimated date to start the work is in October, weather permitting. We will provide a detailed schedule of road work and updates as soon as they are available. On the scheduled day for your street, TRiTechnologies will start at 7:00 am closing down the lot/street entrance with barricades and yellow caution tape. Please remove all vehicles by 7:00 am on your scheduled work day or they will be towed at the owners’ expense. You will not be able to access your driveway for up to 36 hours, so please be prepared by parking vehicles on alternative roads.  Foot traffic will be prohibited on the surface while the streets are closed to keep the material from tracking. Crack sealing and road striping will be performed the following day and the areas will reopen to traffic within approximately 36 hours.

TRiTechnologies will try to limit the impact on the homeowners, but roadways will need to be closed and limited to pedestrian traffic on sidewalks or turf areas until the road is reopened the following day. There will be no trash pickup on work days.  Mail delivery can be completed if the carrier is able to walk in and drop the mail off.  We will communicate with the USPS, Patriot Disposal, FedEx, UPS and schools to coordinate alternative plans for these services. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this necessary construction period. For more information, please review the TRiTechnologies website at  Questions may be directed to Sarah Gerstein at or 703-729-9704.

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