Fire Lane Painting

Dec 5, Update: The contractor continues to clean and prep the roads, which should be completed by Thursday 12/7.  Painting and stenciling will continue into next week, which will include the Nature Center Parking lot.

Nov 28: Specialty Services of Virginia has been contracted to do fire lane painting.  Beginning Monday, November 27, they began prepping by hydroblasting the old paint and debris off the curbs. This will take a few days. Next, they will blow the debris off the roads and (if needed) may come back to sweep the streets.  They will then paint all the lanes yellow and then come back to do the black FIRE LANE stenciling.  Because they will do the hydroblasting first, there may be debris on the roads for a few days while they move through the remaining sections.  Work is weather dependent.

Pre-Turkey 5k/10K Run & Walk in Honor of Hurricane Victims


Date/Time:  11/18/2017, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Calling all residents to participant for a good cause! $20 per participant (all monies donated to hurricane victims) You will receive a race bib, map of race trail, and be able to record your start time at the Nature Center.Snacks and end times may be grabbed at the 5K point, or continue on to the finale of 10K back at the Nature Center along with a community bonfire.Starting times available at 2:00 pm and every thirty minutes until 4:00 pm. Runners are asked to sign up for the 2:00 and 2:30 time slots.

Asphalt Rejuvenation Delayed

The asphalt rejuvenation in the Village Drive Towns and Milford Singles scheduled to begin on Monday, October 9th will be delayed due to anticipated rain.  An update will be provided Monday once Tuesday’s outlook is more definite.  Vehicles do not need to be moved on Monday as no work will occur that day.

Asphalt Rejuvenation Services on HOA-Owned Roads

The Board of Directors for Broadlands Association has contracted with TRI Technologies to perform asphalt rejuvenation on HOA OWNED streets. While we understand this will be an inconvenience, routine road maintenance is essential for the longevity of the road and cost savings for you and your homeowner’s association. This work will require the cooperation of all property owners and residents.

All asphalt areas will be rejuvenated including parking spaces, therefore all vehicles must be removed during the scheduled work days. Towing will be enforced at the owner’s expense. Streets will not be accessible during this project for up to 36 hours. Overnight parking will be permitted at the pool parking lots when your street is being serviced. Prior to your street repair, you will receive a notice in the mail with details on this project. In addition, a notice will be placed on your property as a reminder that work will begin soon.  As always, we will provide updated information on our website, however, please be sure to sign up for the weekly Broadlands Blast on the website and download the Broadlands App to stay up to date on any changes to this project and other news.


  • Please review the following schedules to determine the day your street will be closed. The first page is a street map indicating the phases (A, B, C, etc.) and the second page is the schedule showing the dates when those phases will be serviced: 
  1. Oct 9-14: Village Drive Areas Schedule – Map 1   You may park along Village Drive or at the Southern Walk Pool parking lot. Rain is expected for Monday, so this schedule may change.  Please refer back to the website for updates. More repair schedules to follow…
  • Please remove all vehicles from the street by 7:00 am on your scheduled work day or they will be towed/relocated at the owners’ expense. You will not be able to access your street or driveway for up to 36 hours, so please be prepared by parking vehicles on alternate roads and making any necessary arrangements to reach your home by walking via sidewalks and trails. Overnight parking will be permitted at the pool parking lots when your street is being serviced.
  • There will be no trash pickup on work days. Mail delivery can be completed if the carrier is able to walk in and drop the mail off.  We will attempt to communicate with the USPS, Patriot Disposal, FedEx, UPS and schools to coordinate alternative plans for these services.
  • All work is WEATHER PERMITTING In the event of rain, the project may affect the entire schedule so please check website for any updates.
  • Work Areas will be Barricaded – Please do not walk or cross into barricaded area. Doing this will ruin shoes, track material onto concrete, rugs, and floors.
  • For more information about the rejuvenation, please review the TRITechnology website at

We wish to minimize the disruption to you and maximize the efficiency of the job, so please make plans accordingly!  Questions may be directed to or 703-729-9704.

Next Family Camp Out is Tonight!

Sign up for upcoming Family Camp Outs:

Every month now through October, we will have two Friday campouts per month. This will allow you to come and pitch a tent, enjoy S’mores and a fire pit, come inside and pet the animals and have bedtime stories. You can come to the Nature Center lawn and pitch your tent at 4:00pm, but we don’t light the fire until around 7:00pm. Kids have night games in the lawn and, when the weather is hot, we get out all of the water toys. If you want to come and enjoy the evening but don’t have the camping equipment we would love to have you. Costs are only $10.00 per family. These costs remain the same if you camp out or not as they cover the wood and marshmallows.