HOA Board

Board of Directors Meetings

Board of Directors Meetings Monthly meetings are held in the conference room of
the Clubhouse on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm. Residents are welcome to observe the public portion of meetings and to address the Board during the
‘Homeowner Forum’ section of the meeting.The meeting room is located upstairs in the Broadlands Clubhouse located at 43360 Rickenbacker Square.  Entrance is through the front or side doors.  The clubhouse is located at the intersection of Waxpool Road and Pagoda Terrace, east of Claiborne Pkwy and Demott Drive after you cross over the Greenway.  



Eric Bazerghi, (571) 207-6505 (C)

Vice President

David Baroody, (703) 729-6785


Dawne Holz, (703) 362-6727 (H)

Members At Large

Heidi Eaton, (571) 232-1830 (C)

Cliff Keirce, (703) 729-7320 (H)

William Kolster, (703) 858-2459

Tania Marceau, (571) 331-4381

Todd Parsons,  (703) 936-9309

Joe Wagner, (571) 333-0821 (H)