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New Profile Posts

  1. Joseph Nilsen
    Joseph Nilsen
    Heating and Air Conditioning Professionals Servicing Nassau and Suffolk County
  2. SWHOA Admin
    SWHOA Admin
    This is an Admin Account Only and will be used to post announcements from the SWHOA
  3. BroadRes
    BroadRes WritnSew
    I am interested in your used XBOX. Can you give me more details?
  4. toodles808
    toodles808 btsnod
    Hi Thank you for scanning the copy for me! I really appreciate it! My email is

  5. SK8R
    I don't skate anymore after 15 years, BTDT , lol. Now I just dream about the good times. Currently I am a fabric hoarder and quilter
    1. BrdlndRes100
      Hello... I crochet and knit (sometimes). I would love to learn to quilt. Kindly message on how to connect with you. Thank you.
      Jan 17, 2018
  6. Karyn R
    Karyn R
    2017-2018 school year nanny needed! Responsible, fun, loving person. M-F 2:30-4:30. Prepare snacks, drive to sports, help with homework.
  7. Sameeha
    Hi! My name is Sameeha and I am a rising senior looking for babysitting jobs this summer. Please call or text me at 571-758-8947.
    1. SweetT
      I am looking for a babysitter for occasional date nights. My son is 8 and my daughter is 7. They are very well behaved and can do most everything for themselves. Please let me know if you might be available on a Friday or Saturday night for a couple hours. Also, please let me know your rate. Thank you!
      Aug 30, 2017
  8. Jared Carey
    Jared Carey Saamna
    My name is Jared and I am a college student back for the summer. I am happy to do that for you. Please call or text me at 703-479-5985.
  9. Jared Carey
    Jared Carey
    I am a college student who is back for the summer who can help you with your painting, lawn care, and landscaping needs.
  10. young engineers NOVA
    young engineers NOVA
    We are currently offering Summer camps in Ashburn and Chantilly. Enrollments are open now!
  11. Hayes Clyburn
    Hayes Clyburn
    Looking for work pet sitting/dog walking. im great with computers and have knowledge on them, ask me a question and i may be able to help
  12. Hayes Clyburn
    Hayes Clyburn
    Currently looking for work Pet sitting/dog walking
  13. Hayes Clyburn
    Hayes Clyburn
    Currently looking for work lawn mowing/pet sitting! Check my threads for more details!
  14. Terry
    Be sure to visit the Loudoun Station Farmers Market - on the street between Blackfinn and Famous Toastery Sunday between 10 am - 1pm.
  15. Neighbor
    Neighbor Zeratul
    Please remind me of your address. If you want to put $10 on your front porch I can leave the card. Or I can ring your doorbell. Either is fine. I can swing by in about 30!minutes around 9:45 am. Thanks
  16. Neighbor
    Neighbor Zeratul
    My son has the DLL cards. I can drop them by your house. They are $10 each. How many do you need?
  17. Peter Bowsher
    Peter Bowsher
    Need a solution to tv cables on my roof slapping against the siding in the wind and keeping us awake! Any handyman suggestions?
  18. Fabiola
    Looking for full time / part time job (8:00 - 3:00 pm)
  19. Broadlands Resident
    Broadlands Resident
    Hit & Run on parked car 12/17 at 2:15 am. Considerable damage, if you've seen a car w/front end damage in the area please PM me.
  20. rhin
    Is anyone would like to adopt a year old female dog (pitbull +lab mix). Owner would like to have good home for dog ( it will be given free )