If your mailbox is in need of repair or replacement, please review the following information.

According to the mailbox design guidelines: “No application is required for the replacement of an existing, standard approved mailbox or post.  However, any variance in material, color, size, or style from the original mailbox or post requires an application.”  If you wish to submit an application for a non-standard mailbox style, please refer to our website at

Below is a list of our standard mailbox styles by street. We have also included photos of the mailbox styles located in each section. These documents provide post descriptions and colors for single-family homes, including attached units in Overland Park.

  • Posts & Mailbox Colors:
  • Mailbox and Post Replacements: Mainstreet Mailboxes, located at 8757 Virginia Meadows Drive in Manassas, VA, can replace all mailbox units for single-family homes in Broadlands. If you need a replacement for your mailbox or post, please reference your mailbox style from the list above when ordering through Mainstreet Mailboxes. They will install the mailbox unit, numbers, paint the post, and remove any existing debris. You can reach them at 571-379-8454 or for pricing information.

If you reside in a townhome, Hillside, or Park Glen Villas, and observe problems with the cluster mailboxes, please report them to the HOA at 703-729-9704 or email For all access control related issues, including losing your mailbox key or your key no longer works, contact the local post office to request a replacement. The HOA does not have access to individual boxes.