Design Guidelines Process for Modifications

STOP! Are you planning on updating the exterior of your home or lot? Changes, additions or improvements made to the exterior of your home and lot need approval first before beginning your project! Before making any modifications, an application is required for the Modifications Subcommittee to review. Please review ALL INFORMATION below on how to get approval for your project. If in doubt of the requirements, please contact Robin Crews, Modifications and Resale Manager at or (703) 520-9902 for any questions.
PROJECT GUIDELINESSubmission Requirements>> (read first!)

Don’t get rejected, include ALL requirements! All applications require General Requirements, however, please click on your project link below to ensure you are submitting the full requirements to the Modifications Subcommittee. The requirements listed for your project must be submitted along with pages 1 & 2 of the application form. Where the term “shall” or “must” are used, the statement constitutes a mandatory requirement. Where the terms “preferred” or “should” are used, the statement constitutes informational direction provided for the guidance and convenience of Applicants but may not be a necessary component for approval. Please review details about the Modifications Subcommittee & the Review Process.

Read your project’s design guidelines and submission requirements:

Declarations for Broadlands Association Article 7, Section 7.5 (a) – Additions, Alterations, or Improvements by the Owners Subsection Approval requires that “No person shall make any addition, alteration, or improvement in or to any Lot or any portion of the Property… which is visible from the exterior of the Lot or such portion of the Property, without the prior written consent of the Covenants Committee.” It is the owner’s responsibility and obligation to obtain all applicable permits and licenses, contact Miss Utility and construct the improvements in conformance with all related building and zoning codes. Please review Modifications Subcommittee and the Review_Process.

APPLICATION PROCESSHow to Apply for Modifications>>
1. Application Form, click>>
  • First, review the DESIGN GUIDELINES & SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS above and click on your project’s guidelines and submission requirements before proceeding.
  • Then the click the blue button below to download the 2-page application form. To complete this form, please download to your computer by doing a ‘save as’ before entering your information, otherwise your data will not be saved and the form will be blank. A separate application must be submitted for each project, unless they are related:
2. Submit Full Submission, click>>
  • A Full Submission includes both the Modification Application 2-page form AND the submission requirement documentation listed for your project in link at the top, PROJECT GUIDELINES. See submission deadlines for corresponding meeting dates below. Failure to include all documentation will delay review of an application. You may submit the complete submission packet to the HOA office at the HOA office via the following options:
    • Email to: Robin Crews at – Please attach application and all documentation. If possible, combine into one pdf file. Please confirm receipt!
    • Drop Off (outside of HOA building): **Temporary location is at 43360 Rickenbacker Sq, use black drop box on side of building**. Please use either the green drop box to the left side of the the HOA building or the white box to the right of the front door.
    • Mail: Broadlands Association, Modifications and Resale Manager, 21907 Claiborne Parkway, Broadlands, VA 20148.
3. Results & Questions, click>>

The result letter(s) will be delivered via the resident’s email provided on the application normally within one week of the meeting. If you do not receive your results letter, please check your junk/spam folder. Emails will be sent from should you wish to add this email address to your contact list to ensure prompt delivery.

If you have not received your result letter or have questions related to your project, please contact Robin Crews, Modifications and Resale Manager, at or 703-520-9902.

REVIEW MEETINGSDeadlines & Meeting Info>>

You are NOT required to attend Modification Subcommittee Meetings

Submission deadline is at 12:00pm (noon) on dates listed in chart below. Typically it’s the Wednesday at noon one week prior to the meeting.

Meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the dates listed in the chart.

  • March thru October – Meetings are held 1st & 3rd Wednesdays
  • November thru February – Meetings are held only on 3rd Wednesdays
Submission Deadline (Noon) (2024)Jan-Jun Meeting Dates* (2024)Submission Deadline (Noon) (2024)Jul-Dec Meeting Dates* (2024)
Jan 10Jan 17Jun 26 Jul 3
Feb 14Feb 21Jul 10Jul 17
Feb 28 Mar 6Jul 31Aug 7
Mar 13Mar 20Aug 14Aug 21
Mar 27Apr 3Aug 28Sep 4
Apr 10Apr 17Sep 11Sep 18
Apr 24May 1Sep 25Oct 2
May 8May 15Oct 9Oct 16
May 29Jun 5Nov 13Nov 20
Jun 12Jun 19Dec 11Dec 18
*2024 Meeting dates are subject to change

The HOA does NOT endorse or pre-approve any company for executing any type of service hired by residents. Approval is required to remove any tree, either dead or alive, whose trunk measures 4” or more in diameter when measured at the height of 4’ from the ground. Please read: Tree Removal Guideline Details>>

Property owners are permitted to trim their own trees and vegetation and engage in self-help by cutting back branches and roots of neighboring trees and vegetation to the property line WITHOUT needing permission from the HOA.  However, property owners must be careful when doing so.  They may not enter the tree owner’s property when engaging in self-help, and they must be careful not to weaken the tree as to cause damage to the tree owner’s property.  It is wise to get a professional arborist’s opinion if cutting and let their expertise guide your decision and also contract for routine inspection of your trees as well.