Southern Walk HOA

The Southern Walk Association is chartered to provide internet to those homes who reside in the Southern Walk area. The Southern Walk HOA is operated separately from the Broadlands Association HOA.

    • Jan-May: $75 per month
    • Jun-Dec: $20 per month
    • You may pay by using one of the following methods:
      • Check/money order payments to: FirstService Residential, PO Box 30403, Tampa, FL 33630. Please mail SW assessment payments separately from the BHOA assessment payment, or be sure to include both coupons and account number on checks to prevent misapplication of payments.
      • ClickPay, for help visit or call ClickPay directly at 1-888-354-0135.
  • QUESTIONS: SW account contact: Laura Marshall with FirstService Residential (FSR), 571.234.5475 or email  You may also visit the SW FSR website at FirstService Residential is located at 3975 Fair Ridge Drive, Suite 210S| Fairfax, VA  22033
  • MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS: for the Southern Walk HOA are available to members in good-standing and are accessible by creating a profile with FSR Connect and logging in.
  • Visit
  • For ordering/changing/canceling your Southern Walk FiOS Services call: 1-800-501-1172
  • For technical support for any Verizon FiOS service call the Fiber Solutions Center at: 1-888-553-1555 – some technical support may be available through the FiOS app or the FiOS website when you create an account and register it online.


BOD Member NameTitleContact
B Shekar SettyVice
Dinesh JadhavSecretary
John OtteDirector
Anil YedduDirector


UPCOMING 2024 BOARD OF DIRECTORS VIRTUAL MEETINGS, starts at 7:00PM : 1/22, 2/26, 3/25 (rescheduled for 4/4), 4/22, 5/20, 6/24, 7/22, 8/26, 9/23, 10/28

Any Southern Walk member who wishes to address the board with a question or listen to the public portion of the meeting must provide their name, address, and question to


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BROADLANDS HOA and SOUTHERN WALK HOAWhat are the differences and why are there two HOAs…>>

What are the differences and why are there two HOAs?

Southern Walk is a sub-association of Broadlands. The easiest way to distinguish between the Broadlands and Southern Walk HOA is that Southern Walk is in the southern portion of Broadlands, South of Waxpool Drive (but NOT including Broadlands Station, Park Glen Villas, Demott & Silver and the Signature and Villages Condos).  If you live in Southern Walk, you are automatically a member of two HOA’s.  Because all Southern Walk homes are part of Broadlands Association, Inc., the Broadlands HOA office and FirstService Residential frequently receive inquiries from residents regarding their Southern Walk accounts or telecommunications-related inquiries; however, any questions relating to Southern Walk must be handled through the Southern Walk HOA.  There are often misunderstandings about the roles of each HOA. This information aims to clarify the differences.

  • Broadlands Association, Inc., established in 1995, is currently comprised of approximately 4,070 units, which includes single-family units, townhomes, villas, condominiums, and apartments. The purpose of the Broadlands Association is to provide for the upkeep of all the Common Areas, including three pools, HOA Offices, a Community Center, a Clubhouse, a Fitness Center, a Stone House, tennis courts, basketball courts, tot lots, bridges and tunnels, nature trails, mutt mitt stations, private roads and sidewalks, and Covenants enforcement of all Broadlands townhome and single-family residences, including Southern Walk. Contracts are in place via Broadlands for maintaining items such as the grounds, ponds, pools, buildings, streets and sidewalks, lighting, trees, financial management, security, and snow plowing. Broadlands produces the monthly newsletter, maintains the website, and produces the Broadlands Blast email. The Broadlands HOA committees and staff organize all the events ranging from the Broadlands Live Concert Series, Halloween events, and Visit with Santa to name a few. The HOA staff is comprised entirely of employees of Broadlands Association. All the 4,070 units are members of the Broadlands Association and are required to pay assessments to cover the $100M+ in assets owned by the association.
  • Southern Walk at Broadlands Homeowners Association, established in 2001, (known by many as the SWHOA) consists of 1,112 units located in the southern section of Broadlands. Related to Article IV of the Articles of Incorporation for Southern Walk at Broadlands Homeowners Association, the specific purpose of this association is to provide for the installation and maintenance of a private utility system within the Property. In more concrete terms, this means the association was originally established to originate and oversee the telecommunications contract with OpenBand to provide phone, cable television, and broadband internet to the 1,112 residences in the Southern Walk. However, in 2015 this contract was amended, with an option to purchase the exclusivity provisions of a blanket telecommunications easement covering the entire Southern Walk, that was granted to OpenBand at Broadlands in 2001. Subsequently, the resident-elected Southern Walk Board of Directors collected fees from the 1,112 residents to pay OpenBand the “Exclusivity Option Price.” In 2018, to bring a third-party provider into the neighborhood, the Southern Walk Board of Directors signed a contract with Verizon, to establish a contract for broadband internet service to the 1,112 residents of the Southern Walk. In July 2018, the Option Price was paid to OpenBand. In September 2018, the Easement to Verizon was granted by both Broadlands Association, as the “Master” Association, and owner of real property, and the Southern Walk Association. In October 2018, Verizon construction commenced.

If you own a home in Southern Walk, you are automatically a member of two separate associations.  The master association is Broadlands Association, whose responsibilities are outlined above.  The Southern Walk HOA sub-association does not oversee any of the common areas, facilities, contractors, or employees for Broadlands.  Southern Walk is governed by a separate Board of Directors and has a separate Community Manager.

Broadlands residents are welcome to contact the Broadlands HOA office for any issues concerning the roles of the Broadlands Association, as outlined above.  Southern Walk-related telecommunications questions or monthly BOD meeting inquiries should be directed to the Southern Walk FirstService Residential Community Manager or to the Southern Walk Board of Directors, whose contact information may be found at:  If your question is about Verizon FiOS in Southern Walk, please visit For questions regarding Southern Walk fees, please contact the FirstService Southern Walk Community Contact at 703-385-1133 or email Coincidentally, First Service Residential manages HOA payments for both Broadlands Association and Southern Walk HOA. Your Broadlands account will start with the letters BO and your Southern Walk account will begin with the letters SU and must be paid separately.

Since the Southern Walk Articles of Incorporation reference the relationship between the two associations, the Broadlands Association allows the Southern Walk Association to conduct business using some Broadlands facilities, such as use of the HOA internet forums to post meeting notices and other important information in the Southern Walk Announcements section, space to publish news in the Broadlands Monthly Newsletter, Broadlands Blast, and use of the Community Center for Board of Director Business meetings and the Southern Walk Annual meeting.