Trash & Recycling

patriot truck in neighboorhoodPatriot Disposal provides trash and recycling services for the Broadlands community. An environmentally-conscious company, Patriot Disposal offers a curbside recycling program that extends well beyond those offered by other haulers. SIDE LOADER TRUCK: Single Family Homes Only, please read procedures: Automated Side Loader Info

Questions? Patriot Disposal considers it a privilege to serve you.  Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to us at our office, 1-703-257-7100.

Trash Services will be provided on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, 2020.


Effective Monday, May 18th, Patriot Disposal will continue with regular yard waste collections and resume bulk/special item pick-ups, with the following limitations:

Yard Waste Collection:

  • The number of bags that will be picked up per home has been increased from 3 to 5.
  • All yard waste must be placed in paper bags or in a rigid container clearly marked “yard waste.” Yard waste in plastic bags will not be picked up.
  • Bundles or loose branches placed at the curb will not be picked up.
  • Residents are limited to a maximum of 5 bags of yard waste per home per pickup.
  • As a reminder, unaccepted materials include tree stumps, food waste, lumber, treated wood, pallets, sawdust, dirt, mulch and sod. Please do not mix any of these materials in with your yard waste.

Bulk and Special Item Collection:

All residential customers can now begin scheduling bulk and special item collection with the following limitations:

  • Advance notice is required for all items by phone at 703-257-7100 or by email at
  • There will be a nominal charge of $25.00 and up per item for bulk items such as small furniture and mattresses to cover the additional handling costs that we incur due to COVID-19.

4.1.20 NOTICE FROM PATRIOT DISPOSAL REGARDING CHANGE IN SERVICES: Due to the increased volume being generated at curbside and the attempt to minimize risk to their employees, the following changes will take place effective Monday, April 6th:

  • All trash or recycling must be containerized to avoid risk to the employees. Residents who have extra trash or recyclables that do not fit into their containers must be kept until the next collection day. No bagged or loose trash/recycling placed next to the containers will be collected.

Yard waste will now be collected every Monday at curbside to coincide with the county by-laws: 

  • 3 bag per household limit
  • All material must be in paper bags……NO Plastic will be collected
  • No bundles or piles will be collected

Please read full notice from Patriot Disposal>>

3.19.20 NOTICE FROM PATRIOT DISPOSAL REGARDING BULK PICK UPS: As we continue to navigate through this unique situation, I wanted to send you a note and let you know about a recent change to our service offering while we attempt to manage through the pandemic.

Effective immediately we will discontinue ALL BULK PICK UPS until further notice. This change is necessary for many reasons and throughout the process we did not want to loose site of the safety and well being of our employees and individuals in your communities.

The deciding factors for these changes are as follows:

  • Excessive amount of bulk requests during a time when many individuals are at home.
  • Additional exposure to the coronavirus to our staff handling this material.
  • The increased demand for available staff to handle all of the requests.
  • Minimizing social distancing at a time when most businesses have closed or reduced their service offering.

While this is a change to the normal service we provide, this is just a safety measure we feel necessary at the current time. We will contact you as soon as we decide to change back to our normal service offering for BULK services. In advance, we thank you for your patience and understanding. Additionally we as you to share this change with your community immediately.



  • TRASH:  Mondays & Thursdays –  All trash must be stored in a container with a lid. Using trash bags without a container is not permitted per the Loudoun County Ordinance. For more information, please READ MORE>>
  • RECYCLING:  Thursdays
  • YARD WASTE  Mondays –  Plastic bags are not permitted. Yard waste must be placed either in a bin or a paper lawn bag. Please scroll down to review details on yard waste⇓
  • LARGE/SPECIAL ITEMS:  Please call Patriot Disposal to arrange a pick-up day 1-703-257-7100 –  i.e. small furniture, mattresses, bed frames, appliances, etc.


  1. Side Loader procedures:Automated Side Loader Info
  2. Plastic bags CANNOT be recycled. Please view video for details>> The Nature Center collects bags for proper recycling, click for details>>
  3. Trash must be properly secured in plastic bags, standard trash cans, or wheeled carts.
  4. Trash bags and containers shall not exceed 50 pounds in weight per bag or container.
  5. Trash may be placed at your curbside the evening before your pickup day, however, must be placed at the curbside and/or designated area by 7 a.m. for collection.
  6. It is a violation of our covenants to leave or store your trash/recycling bins in public view if it is NOT a pickup day.
  7. Holiday Schedule: Patriot Disposal will provide services on all holidays that fall on regularly-scheduled pickup days with the exception of:  Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.
  8. Please Tie Down Your Trash to Prevent Wind From Littering Our Neighborhood. Please be sure to bind newspapers with twine or place loose papers in paper bags before setting out at your curb. Weigh down your bottles, plastics and cans by placing heavier recyclables on top. Ensure that the lid of your trash can is tightly secured. Put smaller lightweight bags of trash together in a larger heavyweight bag. Don’t put trash out early and PLEASE no loose “peanuts” or other packing materials. Lastly, if the trash does blow over, please pick it up even if it isn’t yours. Your HOA assessment provides for curbside trash removal. There is no budgeted amount for litter removal. The Association relies on homeowners to keep their neighborhoods free of litter and their assessments reasonable.

⇓ Please continue to read below for more details on Patriot’s services ⇓ 


Patriot Disposal provides one wheeled, covered Toter for each residence for the collection of trash.  Each town home will be provided with a 64-gallon, and each single-family home will be provided with a 96-gallon.  Each town home and single-family home will also be provided with one 64 gallon recycling  toter or recycling bin. Recycling toter and bin dimensions: 64-gallon lidded toter  is 31.75″ (L) x 24.25″ (W) x 41.75″ (H)  and open recycling bin is  19″(L) x 16″(W) x 15.5″(H).

Replacement Container fee for lost containers (paid by resident):   $75.00 each for trash and $50.00 each for recycling.

Additional Container fee (paid by resident):  $25.00 each for trash and $25.00 each for recycling containers

You are encouraged to keep a record of the serial number of your toter(s) should you need to identify it in the future.


Patriot Disposal’s weekly curbside recycling program includes newspapers, mixed paper, cardboard, paperboard, glass bottles and jars, metal and aluminum cans and plastic bottles.  Each Thursday, Patriot Disposal will remove recyclable materials that have been placed at the curb for collection.

Please note the following requirements concerning recycling collection services:

  1. Newspapers and magazines should be bundled and placed in paper grocery bags or tied with heavy twine.
  2. Glass, plastic, aluminum and metal, food/beverage containers should be rinsed and placed in bags, cardboard boxes, or recycling bins.
  3. Plastic bags CANNOT be recycled. Please view video for details>> The Nature Center collects bags for proper recycling, click for details>>
  4. Recyclables must be placed at the curbside and/or designated area by 7 a.m. for collection.
  5. Recyclable materials can be co-mingled.
  6. Patriot Disposal will remove and recycle packing boxes and cartons placed at the curb by residents.
  7. Scrap metalPlease call Patriot Disposal to set pick-up day 1-703-257-7100: i.e.foil, pie tins, trays, pots and pans, small car parts, grills, bicycles, swings, etc. Patriot uses a special truck for these recycling items and requires advance notice.


Separate yard waste collection begins March 16, 2020 and continues through the end of December, which will occur on Monday’s along with trash pick up. Patriot Disposal will remove yard waste that has been placed at the curb for collection.  Please note the following requirements concerning the collection of yard waste:

  1. During January & February, Yard debris (leaves, grass clippings, brush) may be mixed with trash. Yard waste may not be mixed with recycling.
  2. Brush must be cut into four-foot lengths, with limbs no larger than six inches in diameter.
  3. Brush must be tied in bundles no larger than two feet in diameter.
  4. Yard debris must be placed in separate containers, marked “yard waste” or in biodegradable bags. Yard waste that is put out at the curb in plastic bags will not be picked up.
  5. Yard waste must be placed at the curbside and/or designated area by 6 a.m. for collection.
  6. Food waste mixed in with yard waste will be accepted, as it can be composted.
  7. The weight limit for yard waste is 50 pounds per bag or container.


The following items will be picked up by appointment only using a separate truck:

Electronics, used motor oil, auto batteries, appliances and scrap metal such as foil, pie tins, trays, pots and pans, small car parts, grills, bicycles, swings, etc. Please call Patriot Disposal to arrange for pick-up. Some items may incur a charge. Please ask the customer service representative when you call.  Please note the following requirements concerning the collection of special items:  (1) Items for collection must be placed at the curbside and/or designated area by 7 a.m. (2) Appliances containing Freon must be certified as “Freon-Free” prior to removal.


For information on how to dispose of HHW, please click on the following link: HouseholdHazardousWaste

The following Unacceptable Waste items will not be collected, and should not be placed in the trash or set out for pickup:  highly-flammable substances, hazardous waste, construction debris, liquid waste, toxic materials, radioactive materials, asbestos, infectious or medical waste, petroleum contaminated soil, dead animals, paint, manure, or other dangerous materials as determined by state, federal or local law, or in the reasonable judgment of Patriot Disposal.