Vulture Notice to the Community


UPDATE 3.2.21: Vulture deterrents commenced on March 1st. The USDA is tracking the birds, but the number of birds and the size of Broadlands means they could relocate to a new hiding spot that the trackers do not see. If you notice vultures roosting in Broadlands, please email or call 703-520-9905 with their location.

Broadlands Association is aware of the advantages vultures provide and has published information for residents about their positive impact on the local ecosystem. After numerous complaints from residents and local businesses – and in cooperation with LCPS – Broadlands Association consulted with USDA-APHIS. After consideration of the number of birds and the amount of time present, they recommend remediation to protect the health and safety of our residents. The goal of the wildlife specialists at APHIS is to non-lethally deter the birds from roosting in residential areas where they can cause property damage and health concerns, but also to drive them to uninhabited woodlands or open farmland where they can safely roost away from potential hazards in residential areas. 

Vulture Remediation Initiative…Broadlands Association and LCPS have contracted with the USDA to address the vulture population in the Broadlands area. To deter the vultures, the USDA will perform dispersal tactics beginning Monday, March 1st, which may continue through Sunday, March 7th, if necessary. It is important to read the following notice about this remediation process and understand that some tactics used may set off unexpected noises:

2021 Annual Meeting Notice

The 2021 Annual Meeting of the members of Broadlands Association, Inc. will be held virtually on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. Please mark your calendars for this important meeting and plan to participate. The purpose of the meeting is to elect members to the Board of Directors, including three (3) members to serve three-year terms expiring May 2024. Please select the following for details about running for a position on the board, candidacy forms, voting and the annual meeting:

Loudoun Seeks Public Input on Proposed Bus Routes to Metrorail Silver Line Stations

Members of the public have an opportunity to shape future routes and schedules for Loudoun County Transit’s Metro Connection Bus service. The proposed Metro Connection Bus Routes to Metrorail Silver Line stations will go into effect when the Ashburn and Loudoun Gateway Metrorail Stations open in Loudoun County, currently estimated for summer 2021.

Details, Map and Flyer>>

Overview on how to attend online public meeting on February 25, 6:00pm-7:30pm to ask questions, provide input and learn more about the proposed routes:

  • Login information and meeting materials are available for review at and
  • Members of the public must sign up in advance to ask questions during the event by 12:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 24, 2021.
  • Chat messages will also be answered during the meeting as time allows.
  • Comments from the public regarding the proposed Silver Line Bus Routes may be submitted using our online form at, by email or postal mail. All comments received by March 26, 2021, will be included in the process to finalize the route.
  • Contact: email or call 877-465-2287

Preparing for the Snow and Information to Know…


UPDATE: Due to the inclement weather and poor road conditions, all scheduled services for Thursday, February 18 have been suspended. Trash services will resume on Monday, February 22 and recycling on Thursday, February 25.


  • Vehicles parked in streets inhibit snow removal operations. Please relocate vehicles that are parked curbside to either garages, driveways or parking spaces. This will allow for curb-to-curb snow removal and help plows remove snow faster.
  • The HOA does not plow VDOT streets. If you have questions or concerns about any street in Broadlands, please refer to the Street Ownership List and Maintenance Guidelines before contacting the appropriate party:
  • Clear Fire Hydrants: Firefighters need to be able to quickly locate fire hydrants, or lives and property could be lost. You can help by clearing a three-foot radius around hydrants near your home. Without your help, engine drivers need to shovel a path to make the connect, and that causes a delay in establishing a water supply to extinguish the fire.


  • The HOA contractor clears sidewalks on HOA owned streets where there is not an adjacent unit owner.
  • For all sidewalks directly adjacent to a unit, the unit owner is responsible for clearing of snow, even if adjacent to a common sidewalk.  The HOA is not staffed to patrol and issue violation letters for this type of issue.  Even if the staff were in place and equipped to safely patrol following a snow or ice event, by the time a violation letter reached a homeowner, the snow would be long melted.  Since not clearing sidewalks is a violation of state and county law, our Covenants team refers residents to contact the county to report issues.
  • Both the Commonwealth of Virginia and Loudoun County Codes require that the occupant – whether an owner or a tenant – remove all snow and ice from any walkway adjoining any part of their property within 6 hours after the snowfall has ceased. If the snow or ice fell during the night, it should be removed by noon the following day. Should the storm occur on Sunday, the accumulation should be removed by Noon on Monday. Failure to comply with the Code can result in a fine of $250.00 imposed by the county.
  • Complaints should be reported to the County Department of Building and Development, (703) 777-0635 or reported online through their portal, Loudoun Express Request (Lex).