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Broadlands Association’s newsletter, Our Neck of the Woods, is mailed directly to resident homes each month to serve as an official notice of HOA News. The newsletter also serves as a resource for homeowner and human interest articles, upcoming events, local news and more.


Our Neck of the Woods is the official newsletter of the Broadlands community that has been enjoyed by our residents for over 20 years.  Since our newsletter is the primary way we communicate to our residents, it serves as an effective resource for advertising. We offer a full-color quality magazine that provides important information such as HOA and local news, events, interest articles and more. The newsletters are printed and mailed each month to nearly 3800 homes in Broadlands. Our advertisers have been extremely happy with the recognition and business they have attained from placing their ads within our newsletter. Website advertising is also offered as another means to promote your business. Please continue to read below on how to get your ad placed. All pricing and specs can be found in our Insertion Order Forms below.

QUESTIONS? Contact Stassa Collins or 703-729-9714 to discuss your advertising options.

How to Advertise: 
  1. COMPLETE INSERTION FORM: Below, download and complete the appropriate Insertion Order Form (includes pricing & dimensions) and return to HOA office via email OR mail/drop off to 21907 Claiborne Parkway.
    1. 2022 DISPLAY Advertising Insertion Order Form (Fillable), review Spec Sheet
    2. 2022 CLASSIFIED Advertising Insertion Order Form (Fillable)
    3. 2022 WEBSITE Advertising Insertion Order (Fillable)
  2. EMAIL AD: Email all ads to (For graphic display ads, submit camera ready PDF in our specs. For classified ads, submit text (40 words max) in body of email. For website ads, submit jpeg or png in our specs.
  3. PAY: Make payment by clicking on “Buy Now” button in the Payment section below and enter in full amount due. Mailed in checks are accepted by the deadline date.

Please submit payment by deadline date to ensure inclusion. If paying by Credit Card, please use the Buy Now  button below to pay via PayPal. Please note: You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay by credit card through PayPal. Please be sure to enter the total lump sum for all months contracted in the “price per item” box. If paying by check, please make payable to Broadlands Association, inc. and submit to address on Insertion Order Form. QUESTIONS? Contact Stassa Collins or 703-729-9714 to discuss your advertising options.

Ad Type – Enter Full Amount

If you have an article or a suggestion for an article please contact the Newsletter Editor, Natalie Ihanainen. Submission deadlines for editorials are by the 10th of each month for inclusion in the next month’s issue, (i.e.Due Jan 10 for Feb issue).


Go Paperless and Opt Out of hard copies of this monthly newsletter. If you would like to receive electronic copies only of this newsletter, please email OptOut@ and be sure to include your property address. You will no longer be mailed a hard copy, but will be emailed a link to the online version. This option saves money and valuable natural resources such as trees. We encourage all residents to enroll in paperless newsletters.



JAN-22 FEB-22 MAR-22 APR-22 MAY-22 JUN-22 JUL-22 AUG-22 SEP-22 OCT-22 NOV-22 DEC-22
JAN-21 FEB-21 MAR-21 APR-21 MAY-21 JUN-21 JUL-21 AUG-21 SEP-21 OCT-21 NOV-21 DEC-21
JAN-20 FEB-20 MAR-20 APR-20 MAY-20 JUN-20 JUL-20 AUG-20 SEP-20 OCT-20 NOV20 DEC-20
JAN-19 FEB-19 MAR-19 APR-19 MAY-19 JUN-19 JUL-19 AUG-19 SEP-19 OCT-19 NOV-19 DEC-19
JAN-18 FEB -18 MAR-18 APR-18 MAY-18 JUN-18 JUL-18 AUG-18 SEP-18 OCT-18 NOV-18 DEC-18
JAN-17 FEB-17 MAR-17 APR-17 MAY-17 JUN-17 JUL-17 AUG-17 SEP-17 OCT-17 NOV-17 DEC-17
JAN-16 FEB-16 MAR-16 APR-16 MAY-16 JUN-16 JUL-16 AUG-16 SEP-16 OCT-16 NOV-16 DEC-16
JAN-15 FEB-15 MAR-15 APR-15 MAY-15 JUN-15 JUL-15 AUG-15 SEP-15 OCT-15 NOV-15 DEC-15
JAN-14 FEB-14 MAR-14 APR-14 MAY-14 JUN-14 JUL-14 AUG-14 SEP-14 OCT-14 NOV-14 DEC-14
JAN-13 FEB-13 MAR-13 APR-13 MAY-13 JUN-13 JUL-13 AUG-13 SEP-13 OCT-13 NOV-13 DEC-13
JAN-12 FEB-12 MAR-12 APR-12 MAY-12 JUN-12 JUL-12 AUG-12 SEP-12 OCT-12 NOV-12 DEC-12
JAN-11 FEB-11 MAR-11 APR-11 MAY-11 JUN-11 JUL-11 AUG-11 SEP-11 OCT-11 NOV-11 DEC-11
JAN-10 FEB-10 MAR-10 APR-10 MAY-10 JUN-10 JUL-10 AUG-10 SEP-10 OCT-10 NOV-10 DEC-10
JAN-09 FEB-09 MAR-09 APR-09 MAY-09 JUN-09 JUL-09 AUG-09 SEP-09 OCT-09 NOV-09 DEC-09

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