Tenant Information (Pools, Fitness Center, etc)

Owner: If an owner wishes to transfer their Broadlands use of facility rights to their tenant, the owner must fill out the Absentee Owner Statement (AOS) form. This is a new form for owners to transfer rights to their tenants for all of the Broadlands facilities including the three Broadlands pools, the Fitness Center and the privilege to rent the Community Center. Owners are required to complete this form prior to tenants acquiring privileges to Broadlands facilities. The completed “Absentee Owner Statement – Facilities Use Agreement for Tenants” will be valid for the duration of the Tenants lease unless the owner suspends privileges to the tenant, or the tenant fails to abide by the rules of each or any facility. Use of Broadlands facilities is subject to owners and tenants remaining in good standing with Broadlands Association. Use of Broadlands facilities and issuance of pool passes, key fobs or Community Center rental privileges will only be issued to either an owner or a tenant. In NO instance will privileges be granted to both. Upon lease expiration and/or renewal, it is the owners and/or tenants responsibility to notify Broadlands Association of termination or continuance of the rental of the Broadlands property.

Tenants: If an owner wishes to transfer their facility rights over to their tenant, then the owner must complete the Absentee Owner Statement (AOS) form. Tenants must then complete and sign the following forms in order to obtain access to these facilities:

If you are an existing tenant with pool passes from a previous year, your account has been temporarily deactivated until you submit an Absentee Owner Statement (AOS) (to be completed by the owner). You do not need new pool passes. Once the Absentee Owner Statement form is submitted, we will reactivate your current passes through your lease date.

For more information on these facilities, please click on the following links: