Broadlands, Virginia 20148

From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, members have access to 3 pools in the Broadlands community that each offer a unique experience: Southern Walk, Community, and Summerbrooke

Please review this entire site for pool registration instructions for your household (done only once!), hours of operation, pool policies and rules.

  • POOL ACCESS...residents must first register online and submit photos to obtain a virtual ID account for each household member. There are NO PHYSICAL CARDS to carry or lose! Use Steps 1-5 below or download instructions to register anytime. This is a one-time only registration. Do not re-register next year!
    • Tenants…must have owner transfer their pool rights to the tenant by completing the Absentee Owner Statement (AOS) form and submitting it along with the lease to the HOA office at info@broadlandshoa.com BEFORE registering for the pools.
    • Apartment Tenants...who live at The Arbors & Van Metre apartments must pay first for a pool membership before proceeding with registration steps 1-5 below. Please scroll down to “APARTMENT TENANTS & LONG-TERM GUESTS POOL MEMBERSHIPS FOR PURCHASE” for more details and to pay.
    • Outside Memberships (non-residents)…click HERE
  • QUESTIONS? Contact the HOA office at 703-729-9704 or info@broadlandshoa.com.

POOL REGISTRATION – One-Time Registration only!!! Once your household is registered and pictures have been submitted, no further action is required for future seasons unless the status has changed for anyone in your household.


Upon accessing the CELLBADGE REGISTRATION SITE, under Initial Add Request, please enter your information as a primary resident in order to create a master household account. Please enter street number and name only, no suffix (i.e. Ct, Court, Ter, Terrace, etc.). This initial add request will be forwarded to HOA staff who will validate your residency and account status. Please allow 2-3 business days for the initial approval to be processed. Once validated, you will receive a text/email indicating that your registration has been added but will remain pending until the registration is updated with household members (STEP 3). If you live at the Arbors or Van Metre apartments, you must pay first prior to Step 1. Once fully registered and photos are submitted, no further action is required for future seasons unless your status has changed.


After you have received a text/email that your registration has been added, please return to the same REGISTRATION SITE and follow the instructions under Enter or Update Household Members. Enter your credentials to get your unique PIN via text/email to continue the process. Pins are a one-time use and must be requested each time you would like to access your account via the cellbadge.com/broadlands/register site by clicking the “Request PIN” button again.


Enter PIN to access the Household Members page to add all household members, aged 5 and older, including childcare providers that live with you. Please read RELATIONS INFO below for clarification on which relation category to select for each household member. Once finished, check the box to verify you have agreed to the facility terms and click Complete Registration. Please allow up to 2 business days for approval, upon which you will receive a text/email indicating that your Broadlands HOA registration has been accepted. Once accepted, you must complete STEP 4 and submit photos to access to the pools. Once registered, if you need to make changes or add family members to your pool account, just revisit the REGISTRATION SITE, obtain a pin and access your account to make updates.


Once your online registration has been accepted, all members are required to submit photos. Please read “HOW TO SUBMIT PHOTOS” and WHAT ARE ACCEPTABLE PHOTOSbelow. Photos from the old system will not transfer. Members 18 and older must submit a photo ID showing proof of residency. Picture processing hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

  • Email an acceptable* photo (jpg or png format) of each member in your household to info@broadlandshoa.com. Driver’s license may be used, headshots or you may scan or take a picture of an existing ID/photo.
  • Subject line of email must be written as: pool photos – Registered Last Name (i.e. pool photos – Smith)
  • Each photo file name must have the following naming convention: address.firstname (i.e. 42001Ridgeway.Susan).
  • All names must correspond with the registered names in your Cellbadge pool account so they can be imported to the proper record. Pictures will be processed within 2 business days.

WHAT ARE ACCEPTABLE* PHOTOS? (copy of valid ID’s or current headshots only)

  • Adults aged 18 and over are required to show proof of residency, therefore emailing a copy of a driver’s license would be sufficient. HOA staff only need to see the address, picture, name and date of birth on your ID’s. For security reasons, ID numbers and any other information may be crossed out prior to emailing. If an adult’s ID does not show the registered Broadlands address, then additional documentation should be emailed along with the photo showing proof of residency. Acceptable documents would be settlement papers, utility bills or a change of address card.
  • For children aged 5 and older, please email a current headshot. For teens, a copy of their driver’s license/permit may be emailed. Photos for children aged 4 and under are not required.

Once your photos are set up, your process is complete and access to the pools is simple since no pass is required – just check-in with the lifeguard by providing your name and address and they will be able to access your “virtual ID card” and photo in the system to allow access. Please remember to following the guidelines, wear a mask and bring a waiver for each person, each day you visit. Once fully registered and photos are submitted, no further action is required for future seasons unless your status has changed.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have already registered in Cellbadge prior to this season, only payment is needed each season.

Apartment Tenants ( Arbors & Van Metre) must purchase a household pool membership. Memberships for the season are $200. You may add up to five members living in your household with this membership. No individual memberships available. Please select the “Buy Now” button to purchase and then register at the link above. Once you have paid for your membership below, please visit the REGISTRATION SITE to register and select “Apartments-” as the relation when adding them to your household account.

Arbors & Van Metre Apartments ONLY

Long-Term Guests of HOA residents (for nanny’s and care givers who do not permanently live with resident) who wish to access the pools without being accompanied by a resident must purchase a seasonal pool membership. Long-Term visiting guests, (i.e. non-resident nanny/caregiver, temporary summer visitor, grandparents, etc.) of residents may be added to the household account for the season for a fee, otherwise the member may bring guests using guest visits. The 2021 cost for the entire season is $100 per person. This price will reduce on July 1 to $75 per person and again on August 1 to $50 per person. The fee must be paid prior to adding them to your account. Please use “Buy Now” button below to purchase. Once paid, please visit the REGISTRATION SITE and select “Other-Longterm” as the relation when adding them to your household account.

Long-Term Guest 2021

Bringing Guests

Residents (owners, tenants & apartments) will have 10-guest visits added to their household account each season and may bring up to 3 guests per member. They are not transferable nor roll over the following year. For information on bringing guests to the pool, click GUEST PASS FAQ. If you wish to purchase additional guest visits throughout the season, please use the Buy Now button below. You must send an email to the HOA at info@broadlandshoa.com to have visits added. Please allow 2 business days for your account to be updated.

Children – Age Changes & Updating Photos

Children who are 5 years or older by June 1 must be added to the household account for the upcoming pool season and are required to submit a photo to info@broadlandshoa.com. Registered children who have turned 13 or 18 will need to have their relation status updated on your account to reflect the proper category. In order to add or change a household member’s status, visit the REGISTRATION SITE, and create a pin to access your account to make updates. Children under 5 years old may be added to the household to have an older guest accompany them when other family members are not available. Children whose photos have not been updated in the last five (5) years should submit a new photo to info@broadlandshoa.com

Pool Rules & Other Information

Pool Rules – General– General overview of Health and Sanitation, Safety, and Disciplinary Actions. Disorderly or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated

Pool Rules – Detailed – Full comprehensive rules

Pool Rules – Rec Pool – 7.16.2020.ver1

Proper Pool Attire

The Fun and Games of Breath Holding – Warning Article

NO individual memberships or daily passes offered

Swim Lessons: High Sierra Pools offers swim lessons at the Broadlands Pools for all members with a valid pool access:http://www.highsierrapools.com/services/swimming-lessons

Lifeguards Needed: Click HERE for information.


Add’l Pool Guest Visits Notice



Pools will be vacated after each time slot noted below and cleaned for 30 minutes. No reservations required. (Hours, locations, and time slots may be adjusted as necessary, pending staffing availability):

Southern Walk Hours – 10:00am – 8:00pm daily through Labor day, September 7th…click for details>>

There will be four, 2-hour time slots. After each time slot, the pool will be vacated and cleaned for 30 minutes. Time slots: 10:00am-12:00pm, 12:30pm-2:30pm, 3:00pm-5:00pm, 5:30pm-7:30pm. (max capacity per time slot: 140)

Community Center Pool: 12:00pm – 8:00pm, daily, closes after August 23rd due to limited staffing…click for details>>

There will be four, 90-minute time slots. After each time slot, the pool will be vacated and cleaned for 30 minutes. Time slots: 12:00pm-1:30pm, 2:00pm-3:30pm, 4:00pm-5:30pm, 6:00pm-7:30pm. (max capacity per time slot: 60)

The Community Center will offer lap swim: 8am-11am Monday – Friday.

The Rec Pool is now open. Please review Rec Pool Rules before use. (max capacity per time slot: 10)

GUIDELINES TO FOLLOW…click for details and WAIVER>>

  • In order to access the pool, you must have already completed the virtual pool pass registration and submitted photos for your household. Please read registration instructions below.
  • All patrons must bring a Liability Waiver for each day they visit the pool. We will be operating at a reduced capacity, therefore no guests will be permitted.
  • All patrons must comply with the Guidelines when visiting the pool.
  • Mask Guidelines:
    • Patrons aged 2 and over must wear a mask for entry into the pool facility and when moving around on deck and/or visiting the restrooms. 
    • Masks may be removed when seated on the pool deck only when patrons not of the same household are seated more than 10 ft away.
    • Masks are not required while patrons are in the water.  Patrons must practice proper physical distancing and sanitizing hygiene.

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