Landscape Services

Heritage Landscape Services (HLS) provides limited turf maintenance services to the Courtyard Homes in Overland Park and Southern Walk, Park Glenn Villas in Section 92 and the Demott Townhome section.

Which properties include landscaped services and what services does HLS provide?

If you receive landscaping services, you will be part of the following landscape list and your monthly assessment will automatically include fees for these services.

Services include mowing/trimming, turf applications, aeration/overseeding, mulching and leaf management. Please review the following Scope of Services and submit your name, email(s) and address to to receive notices when seasonal services occur.

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The HOA assessments paid by Courtyard, Overland Park and Park Glenn homeowners include limited turf maintenance services, provided by Heritage Landscape Services (HLS). Important:  Park Glen Villas lawns will be treated only in the front and side yards. Courtyard Homes (Overland Park and Southern Walk) entire lawns will be treated, including fenced areas as long as they are kept unlocked. Access must be available.  Gates that are locked, in disrepair, or difficult to open will not have the backyards/courtyards serviced until access is available.  HLS is not responsible for fencing, siding, air condition units/platforms, or structural elements of homes. HLS is not responsible for perennials, plantings and annuals installed by the homeowner. This service does not include bed weeding or dead plant removal or other items not described within the scope of services. HLS is not responsible for irrigation, lighting, invisible fencing or any other personal utilities that are not clearly marked. Chemical Use: If you experience any adverse health effects after the application of any treatment, such as headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting or skin rash or allergic reaction by inhalation or dermal contact, please contact poison control or seek medical attention. 

How am I notified of seasonal landscape services?

If you have signed up, the HOA sends emails to notify you of landscaping treatments that occur throughout the year, notifies residents of changes to the treatment dates in case of inclement weather, and alerts you of concerns related to landscape services. To sign up, please send all emails that you would like included in our landscape notifications to: (Please be sure to include your name and address).

Schedule of Seasonal & Mowing Services:

  • Week of 11/8/21: final mowing for the season
  • Week of 11/1/21: no mowing this week
  • 10/11/21: Aerating & overseeding (no mowing this week; must mark personal utilities)
  • 9/22/21: Mowing is delayed due to wet conditions.
  • 9/07/21: Weed control applications. No fertilizer will be used during this service.
  • 8/02/21: Mowing will not occur this week due to dry weather and potential damage to the turf.
  • 6/14/21: 2nd round spring turf applications begins (fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed control). To opt out, send email to no later than 5pm on June 11.
  • 4/19/21: 1st round spring turf applications begins (fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed control). To opt out, send email to no later than 5pm on April 16th.
  • 4/15/21: Mowing canceled today for courtyard homes due to wet conditions. Weather permitting, mowing should be back on schedule tomorrow.
  • 4/12/21: Mowing begins this week

Mowing Schedule: Mowing typically runs April-November, but is weather dependent. Please note that HLS does not bag grass clippings. They mow over clippings to incorporate back into the lawn. If weather conditions prevent or would cause damage to the turf, then the schedule may be pushed until conditions improve:

  • Overland Park Courtyards – Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Southern Walk Courtyards – Thursdays
  • Southern Walk Courtyards along Ridgeway area – Fridays
  • Park Glen Villas (Sec 92) – Fridays 

Turf Application Information for Common Areas

There are several products that HLS uses on the common area for fertilizer and pre and post weed control. All products are mixed with water and applied to the turf only. All of our technicians are certified by the state of Virginia Dep of Agriculture (VADCS) and follow all regulations that are enforced by the state and federal governments. It takes about two hours to dry after the product is applied to the turf and is safe then to walk on the turf.  Once it’s dry, it is absorbs into the plant so there is no residual chemical on the leaves. It is a safe way to apply because the chemical is added to water and it’s a very small amount of chemical. The amount is 90% water to 10% chemical. This is a very environmentally friendly and safe procedure. HLS posts a notice near the property prior to the application along with notifying the HOA a week prior and post a noticed after application, once the products have been sprayed on the turf.