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Are the rumors true??

Discussion in 'Homeowners Corner' started by Suzie, Jul 6, 2018.


What has your experience been with the Broadlands HOA?

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  1. Suzie

    Suzie New Member

    Jul 6, 2018
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    I'm interested in moving to Broadlands. Great schools, great amenities, even though the cost of living is very high. But I've heard a number of very disturbing reports about this HOA. One friend told me her neighbor is being harassed by the HOA while he's trying to sell his house. She hasn't experienced anything negative yet, but she says she knows the HOA is very inconsistent in its approach.

    I'm new to HOAs and I know it's part of living in Loudoun County, but I'm pretty freaked out about "owning" a home that is really controlled by an overly zealous HOA. What has your experience been?
  2. hokie'81

    hokie'81 New Member

    Jan 6, 2008
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    HOA's are there to create and maintain the neighborhood appearance and safety, in my opinion. I have lived in a few HOA communities and will say overall Broadlands is run very well. We have been here in northern Broadlands for 14 years and the beauty of our neighborhood is what makes people want to live here. Comparatively speaking, our fees are low but we have wonderful amenities. There are definitely rules. We've all been through neighborhoods where a few of the homes/yards and not properly kept up. These homes can detract from the beauty of the neighborhood. Some people are simply not happy living in a community with definite rules, that's just fine. Maybe HOA's are not for them.
    No, I'm not, nor have I ever been a member of the HOA.... just saying...
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  3. T8erman

    T8erman Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2003
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    I echo Hokies 81 sentiment. Early in Broadlands existence it became a desirable place to live and remains so today. This is in a large part due to the HOA keeping the community amenities and common grounds in great shape and yes, enforcing homeowners to abide by the rules they agreed to when they signed the paperwork. I do sit on the HOA Modifications Sub-Committee (review applications for exterior modifications). If you friends neighbor is being "harassed" by the HOA during a re-sale, it is almost a certainty that that homeowner did some exterior modifications without getting initial approval.
    And please remember that the HOA Board/committee are comprised of fellow homeowners, some your potential neighbors.
  4. Capricorn1964

    Capricorn1964 Well-Known Member

    Mar 4, 2010
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    I agree....I would think this HOA is pretty fair and even-handed. But again, you'll find some HOAs that are awesome and some HOAs that are horrible. Ive lived with both and this HOA is pretty fair and they do help keep the neighborhood nice and good shape. Ive lived in an area in Fairfax County where the HOA there was very self-serving, depostic, crooked, and overly dictatorial. (That's one of the MAJOR reasons why we moved to Broadlands because I found out that the HOA here was very family-oriented, friendly, even-handed and fair. I've not had any issues from the HOA aside from FRIENDLY reminders to paint shutters and put away the garbage container in my 10 years of living here. Several of the many things I like about living in Broadlands is: Nature Center (How many HOAs have that?), Family nights during the summers for movies (That is pretty popular if you ask me), and the HOA's ability to financially manage the HOA dues/costs. (My old HOA now is approaching $150 a month outside of the SWHOA dues so Im very content here.)

    If you are scared of HOAs, I think living in a community or living out in the country where there are no HOAs is the way to go. If you take care of your properties and abide by the rules and that includes following the modifications regulations here, you'll be fine here. That's my take on this issue.
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  5. flynnibus

    flynnibus Well-Known Member Forum Staff

    Oct 29, 2002
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    The HOA here is very balanced.

    Situations like the one you describe can typically be debunked with "Did you try talking to the HOA office? Did you talk to them before you made the change?" - 95/100 will answer "no" and then want reconciliation to their favor after the fact.
  6. blunoz

    blunoz Member

    Oct 11, 2008
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    I agree with the other posts above, particularly Carpicorn, "If you take care of your properties and abide by the rules and that includes following the modifications regulations here, you'll be fine here." We bought our house here in 2008 and have not had any significant issues with the HOA, and the members of the HOA board and the modifications subcommittee are residents, neighbors, and friends of ours. We have been through the modifications committee process a couple of times and found them very helpful in submitting and getting approval for what we wanted to do. As long as what you want to do doesn't drastically change the appearance of the neighborhood and drag other people's house values down, you don't really have anything to worry about.
  7. vacliff

    vacliff "You shouldn't say that."

    Nov 14, 2002
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    I would be interested in learning more information.
    My opinion of the HOA may be somewhat biased because I have been on the HOA Board for 17 years.
    Like most things, there are two sides to every issue.

    Here is a common problem with resales. Virginia state law requires that a resale disclosure packet be put together for every home sale.
    It essentially is done to protect the new buyer to ensure the all fees are paid up and that the house is in compliance with HOA rules.
    This is where some problems may develop. Many homeowners do multiple changes to their property that require approval by the HOA. However, they never submitted an application or received approval.
    This is often discovered during this disclosure process.
    This leads to homeowners trying to get all the applications submitted, and approved, before their closing date.

    I also sit on the Modification Subcommittee that reviews this applications and I can tell you that we bend over backwards trying to get all there done in a timely manner.
    On some occasions, a homeowner has made a modification that violates HOA guidelines and will not be approved.
    At this point the homeowner can correct it or hope the buyer will accept the problem and fix it themselves.
    So, you see, there is no benefit, or reason, for the HOA to "harass" the seller. It is our job to follow the law and provide an accurate disclosure package.

    Now, I could types many paragraphs of the disgusting, irrational behavior of some of our former residents who had no one to blame but themselves when they have not taken care of their home or followed the HOA guidelines
    that they agreed to when they bought a house. Somehow, THEIR inaccurate actions are somehow now the fault of the HOA.

    Lastly, I wonder if the problems you heard of were from the Broadlands HOA or the SouthernWalk HOA? SouthernWalk HOA is only for a portion of the community and deals with the telecom contract and collects the money for those services.

    Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to discuss this further. I have dedicated thousands of hours of my time over the past 20 years to help make Broadlands the community that it is.
    I am always interested in hearing about concerns or problems residents may have with the HOA, but I need details to provide any feedback or look into it.
  8. Jeddie Busch

    Jeddie Busch Member

    Jun 11, 2016
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    From a Real Estate professional perspective both Broadlands and Southern Walk HOAs are great to work with. If there were potential issues they were items similar to what everyone else has mentioned where the homeowner was not following community rules. If you can follow the rules then you will not have issues. Compared with other HOAs in the local area I feel Broadlands and Southern Walk HOAs are top notch. If you would like to talk further please feel free to reach out.
  9. Scottb

    Scottb New Member

    Mar 21, 2006
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    Hi Suzie -- For my family, we have lived in Broadlands for about 20 years now. I haven't had any issues with the HOA. I have gotten about 6 or 7 letters from the HOA for things like my light bulb was out on the light pole in our yard, we left our trashcan out too long on non trash days, things like that, but the letters were deserved, I had not noticed these items and they were easy to fix. I have presented to the 5 member HOA board on several items over the years and have found them open and willing to listen -- they do watch out for the homeowners, which is a good thing -- and sometimes there are winners and losers in the decisions they make. IMHO they do see some outlandish requests and complaints and they are a wailing wall for folks who want to gripe.

    There are always edge cases where folks take a side and everyone gets fired up and no matter what decision the HOA makes about 50% of the folks are going to be angry. The HOA has to make the best decision they can. And the HOA is made up by homeowners who are voted on by other homeowners ... so I guess we have ourselves to blame if we don't like how it is managed.

    The HOA is here to enforce the covenants, so if someone wants to paint the door of their house pink because:

    a) this is America and I have a right to do whatever I want
    b) It keeps the aliens from Zantar 9 out
    c) My favorite Aunt that recently passed away always had a pink door and I want to honor her

    The HOA will say "no" and then folks will say:

    A) the HOA is un-American
    B) The HOA supports Intergalactic alien invasions
    C) they don't care about my eccentric dead aunt they are heartless beings like the invaders from Zantar 9

    Regardless, no pink doors.

    Good luck in your house search!
  10. vacliff

    vacliff "You shouldn't say that."

    Nov 14, 2002
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    I was hoping for some response/communication from the original poster, but have heard nothing.
  11. Excelsior

    Excelsior Southern Walk||IMPERIUM IN IMPERIO||

    Aug 1, 2014
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    yes, it is interesting that there are like 9 or 10 posts all saying it's a nice place to live with responsible community management, but not any follow-up from OP.
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  12. stoner

    stoner Member

    Sep 20, 2006
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    OK Suzie- tell us when you are moving in.
  13. latka

    latka Active Member

    Sep 5, 2002
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    I think the HOA does a good job however, the resale package I received was inaccurate and the association had failed to keep proper records including approval of a 15 year old deck and retaining wall.

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