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Birthday Freebies

Discussion in 'General Chat Forum' started by Chsalas, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Chsalas

    Chsalas Member

    Mar 14, 2003
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    Ok, Since I do have a brithday coming up, a friend sent me this list of places that have "birthday" freebies.


    ALFY'S PIZZA - free mini pizza
    ALL-AMERICAN CAFE - free dessert
    APPLEBEES - free dessert
    AUSTIN GRILL - Register First - free meal
    AUTO ZONE - Free Oil Change
    BAKERS SQUARE - free pie
    BANDIDO'S - free entry
    BASKIN ROBBINS - free ice cream treat
    BEACHES RESTAURANT - free meal
    BENIHANA'S JAPANESE RESTAURANT - free dinner WITH 3 other paying guests
    BENNIGANS - free dessert + song
    BERN'S - free meal
    BILL KNAPP'S - gives adults a % discount equal to age; plus a free bday cake (w/purchase of a meal) during the week of your B-day
    BLACK BRISKEE - free meal
    BOB'S BIG BOY - free hot fudge ice cream
    BUFFALO WILD WINGS (BW3) - free dozen hot wings
    BURGER KING - free kids meal to all kids club members
    CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN - Register First - free kids meal during the month of their birthday
    CAPTAIN DIZZY'S CAR WASH - free car wash
    CARIBOU COFFEE DRINK - http://www.cariboucoffee.com/email/happybouday.html
    CARROWS - free cake
    CATTLEMEN'S - free dessert and cowboy hat
    CHARLIE BROWNS RESTAURANTS - free meal for "Handshake Club" members
    CHARLIE'S SEAFOOD - free meal
    CHEVY'S - free dessert and sombrero
    CHILI'S - free song
    CHIPS N GIGGLES - free meal
    CLAIM JUMPER - Free Dessert
    COLDSTONE CREAMERY - Free Creation on your B-Day
    CROWN THEATRES - Buy One Movie Ticket, Get One Free
    CRAZY BUFFET - free meal
    DAVE AND BUSTERS - $5 game card credit
    DENNY'S - free meal (said to be only kids under 10 now)
    DUKE'S CHOWDER HOUSE - b1g1 coupons (register first). FREE dinner for your birthday!
    EINSTEIN'S - free meal
    EL CHICOS - free dessert
    ERNIE'S STEAKHOUSE - free meal
    FAMOUS DAVE'S BARBEQUE - free meal (w/advance signup)
    FIREHOUSE SUBS - Join eCrew and get a free Sub
    FISH HOPPER SEAFOOD & STEAKS - CA ONLY - Free Appetizer & Dessert
    FRIENDLY'S ICE CREAM - http://www.friendlys.com/bday_club/
    FUDDRUCKERS - free burger
    FUNNY BONE COMEDY CLUB - free cake (party of 5 min.; 2 drink min.)
    GOLDEN CORRAL - free meal to birthday Club members (not just kids!) during month of birthday
    GRILLFISH - free meal
    HANA JAPAN - free meal
    HARD ROCK CAFE - free dessert
    HOMETOWN BUFFET - free birthday cake
    HOULIHAN'S RESTAURANT - free entree
    HOLLYWOOD VIDEO - one free video rental
    HOOTERS - free song + tshirt
    HOSS'S STEAK HOUSE AND RESTAURANT - free cake + song
    IHOP- free meal
    JOE'S CRAB SHACK - free cake
    JT WHEATFIELDS - free coupon in phone book
    KING BUFFET - free meal
    LADONNA - free meal
    LOMBARDI'S IN BALLARD - Register First - free meal w/another during month of birthday
    LOTUS - free meal
    LUTHERS BBQ - free stuff (varies) for "Great Rewards" members
    MACARONI GRILL - free dessert + OPERA-style "Happy birthday" song
    MAGGIANOS - $10 Off purchase of $20 (sign up in advance)
    MARIE CALENDERS - free dessert
    MAX AND ERMA - free $5 dessert
    MEXICAN VILLAGE - free meal
    MOONIES DINER - free meal
    MUCKLESHOOT CASINO - free sushi dinner + player's club points
    NITTY GRITTY - free drink + souvenir glass
    OKAYAMA RESTAURANT - free meal
    OLIVE GARDEN - cake (some say free, most say $$)
    ONAMI - free dinner WITH 3 other people paying
    OUTBACK Steakhouse - free dessert + song
    PANCAKE HOUSE - free entry
    PAPPA'S RESTAURANTS - free dessert
    PARADISO'S - free meal
    PERKIN'S - free stack of pancakes
    PF CHANGS - free cake or cheesecake
    PIZZA EXPRESS - free meal
    PONCHO'S - free meal, dessert & picture
    PROVINO'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT - free $10.99 meal and ice cream dessert
    Radisson - free entree in their 12th floor restaurant
    REAL SEAFOOD COMPANY - free meal and dessert
    RED LOBSTER - free slice of cake + song
    RED ROBINS - Register First - free burger coupon / discount coupon
    RICE & COMPANY - free meal for Robinson Rewards Club members
    ROCK BOTTOM - free appetizer for Mug Club members
    ROUND TABLE - free personal pizza
    RUBY TUESDAY - http://www.rubytuesday.com/soconnected.asp
    SCALINI'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT - up to 10.95 off pasta specialties
    SHEPARD'S BUFFET - free dinner buffet w/3 other paid customers
    SHONEY'S - http://shoneys.com/cubclub/index.html
    SONIC - http://wackypack.kidsbirthdayclub.com/
    STEAK AND ALE - free mini choco cake
    STEAK-N-SHAKE - free dinner for "birthday club" kids
    TACO BELL - free combo meal of your choice
    TARGET - Birthday Mailer http://www.target.com/gp/browse.html...uffPage-120x90
    TGI FRIDAYS - Free birthday Dessert
    THE 99 - free meal
    THE BARNSIDER'S/DEPOT RESTAURANTS - 1/2 off meal + cake & song
    THE LOFT - free meal
    THE PALM - 3lb lobster (must be a member/register first)
    THE PARADISO - free entry + sombrero & song
    THE VINE TAVERN - free meal
    TONY ROMA'S - free dessert, free meal
    UP THE CREEK - free meal and dessert
    VACCARO'S ITALIAN PASTRY SHOP - free dessert and drink
    WENDY'S - free kids meal to all kids club members
    Z' TEJAS - Register First - $15 coupon for the month of your birthday
    ZIO'S - free dessert mini pizza

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