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For Sale Bowflex Revolution- SOLD!

Discussion in 'For Sale and Lost & Found' started by BigFam, May 17, 2017.

  1. BigFam

    BigFam New Member

    Apr 26, 2017
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    Excellent home gym.

    See photo in flyer for picture of Bowflex Revolution FT.

    Link provides price comparison to asking price.

    Cross Posted. Manual and CD/DVD included. Buyer to pick up.

    Product Information (from manufacturers website):
    * Patented Spiraflex® resistance duplicates the benefits of free weights and plate loaded machines. Plate technology designed for Nasa works independent of gravity to provide resistance without inertia. Over 100 exercises with unlimited variations.

    * The resistance curve provides linear resistance for a smooth consistent feel throughout every exercise at every resistance level.

    * The cable pulley system allows your body to follow its natural path during any exercise motion.

    * Variable independent moving arms adjust 170┬░ with 10 different settings to provide you with multiple workout angles.

    * Easily adjusts to move from one exercise to the next
    200 lbs of resistance (upgradable to 280 lbs) and 46" of cable travel will accommodate virtually all fitness needs.

    * Space efficient (small foot print).

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