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Chicken Jerky from China back on Shelves

Discussion in 'Area Restaurants, Dining and Food' started by KTdid, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. KTdid

    KTdid Well-Known Member

    Jun 14, 2006
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    Sickening news to share…more jerky treats from China are back on store shelves. Waggin Train is back. Milo’s Kitchen is back. Purina/Waggin Train meetings with FDA. And even a connection of Waggin Train to Simmons Foods – the present owner of former Menu Foods. This just keeps getting worse.

    The Entire Country of China Stops Feeding Poultry Antibiotics Illegal in the US! That’s right, millions of poultry farmers in China have all agreed to stop feeding their birds drugs that are illegal in the US…only because US pet treat companies want them to. Pet jerky treats have completely changed the farming methods in the entire country of China!

    'Susan Thixton' asked the FDA what the current illness and death count is report to FDA linked to Chinese jerky treats. Received from FDA today (1/23/14):

    “I can tell you that we received about another 1500 case reports (many of them historical) in response to our Dear Vet letter in October. Our first priority in reviewing those cases was to identify the current or recent cases that were under the treatment of a veterinarian, so that we could select ones that we wanted to focus on for follow-up–ones that we thought would be most likely to yield high quality scientific data that would be helpful to the investigation. Because of that focus, we have not completed entering all the particulars from those 1500 case reports into our database and do not yet have updated numbers to share.

    I can tell you that, out of this effort, we have had the opportunity to perform necropsies on 16 dogs, 14 of which are complete. Of those, 6 had kidney disease, but 8 had other causes of death like widespread cancer, Cushings disease, mushroom toxicity, abscess or internal bleeding secondary to trauma.

    We hope to have updated numbers in the coming weeks.”
    And don’t forget – the FDA told the world in October incorrect levels of antibiotics were found in the treats. The FDA stated illegal drugs were well below risk levels. Through Freedom of Information Act – we discovered numerous tests found drugs well above risk levels. Opposite of what FDA told the world. By the way, the FDA has continued to ignore the Freedom of Information Act request sent to them.

    One more note. Renate Reimschuessel – the FDA representative in attendance at both of the above Purina/FDA meetings, see http://truthaboutpetfood2.com/just-sickening– is the scientist that told a grieving pet owner the FDA can’t help her find why two of her four cats died – but told this pet owner “if your other cats die send us their bodies – FDA will pay for shipping”. Just sickening.


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