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Free offer is over, you can still get the service for $20.00

Discussion in 'Nature/Habitat/Garden Corner' started by Gem Bingol, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Gem Bingol

    Gem Bingol New Member

    May 18, 2012
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    FREE for Broadlands residents as a benefit of the Broadlands HOA partnership with The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) and Loudoun Master Gardeners. The partnership project is supported with funding by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Fairfax Water.

    Details of the offer:
    The Loudoun Master Gardeners will come out to your property, take soil samples and provide the soil analysis and a customized lawn care plan for free. A maximum of 25 are available for free. After those are gone, you can still sign up, but it will cost $2o, which is still a great value for customized guidance.

    To get the free offer, contact me by phone or email.

    Another opportunity:
    There are also a limited number of pet waste digesters available. These are small units that you install into the ground in your yard. The digester uses underground microbial action to break down the waste. If you have a dog and might be interested in finding out more and determine if you'd like to use one, let me know.

    Background info:
    The partnership is designed to help residents make local improvements on their own property and in common areas that will increase clean water and clean air and reduce pollution runoff into our local streams. The Broadlands HOA and residents have the power to make a noticeable difference for the local environment and health of the community through this project.

    Gem Bingol, PEC field officer

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