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Having Problems recieving your emails from the forums? AOL and Yahoo Accounts

Discussion in 'Forum rules and information' started by Forum Administrator, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Forum Administrator

    Forum Administrator Member Forum Staff

    Jul 25, 2001
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    Hi All,

    Apprently AOL has implemented some anti-spam technology that is a bit too aggressive when it comes to mass mailing. Since we mass-mailed the notice out to everyone last night, AOL started throttling the mail it would accept from our server. Right now getting mail sent to an AOL will be sportatic right now. We are working on resolving the issue, but if any of you have an AOL account as your email account registered, you may have problems getting your reset password emails. If you have a problem, please email forumadmin@broadlandshoa.org and we will do our best to get through any issues you have.

    All hail AOL :mad::mad::mad:

    Also for Yahoo users. The mail from the forums will likely be initially marked as spam and moved to your BULK mail folder. Be sure to look for the message in there, and mark it as 'not spam' to prevent it from being filtered in the future. Also, Spammers like to set the date of their emails to be in the future, so their mail appears on the top of your list. The mail from the forums may be further down the list because of this Be sure you scroll down to the current date in the list. I had the same issue! :)


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