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Help in resolving Openband issues...

Discussion in 'Jobs and Help Wanted' started by duda1835, May 14, 2004.

  1. duda1835

    duda1835 New Member

    Jul 27, 2003
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    Hello, we are your neighbors and would like you to know that we are forming a committee to represent the collective interests of Southern Walk residents in matters regarding OpenBand.

    The intent of this committee is to provide residents with a unified voice to allow for greater authority and supervision over our OpenBand issues and services. Some of the issues we have been working on lately include:

    • Responsiveness from Tech Support • Service Interruptions
    • Quality of Television Service • Fee Structure
    • Quality of Internet Service • And much more...

    If you feel you have similar issues or concerns please contact us, while feedback is welcome at anytime, we would like to compile a list as soon as possible.


    *Please direct all responses to this address

    We would like to hear from you.

    This group is not intended to provide technical support in any manner. If you are having problems with your TV, Internet, or Telephone service, please contact OpenBand directly. If you are having trouble getting OpenBand to return your calls or resolve your ongoing issues, please send us an e-mail or better yet join the committee!!!

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