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HOIST H310 complete body workout! For Sale.

Discussion in 'For Sale and Lost & Found' started by isabelle, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. isabelle

    isabelle New Member

    Jun 22, 2008
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    HOIST H310 complete body workout! New was $3000+. Asking $950!
    LIKE NEW! Hoist H310 home gym, high quality, heavy duty, this is not your average home gym! Hoist uses only the best components available including heavy gauge tubing, high-tensile strength cable, and commercial grade upholstery. Paid $2500 for it when I bought it new. Has a leg press, which was an extra $600 when we bought it. Footprint is approx. 5 ft by 6ft. Takes up minimum space given all of the exercise options it provides! It's in great condition, no cracks in the vinyl cushions, cables are also in great shape. Non-smoking household; no pets.
    It breaks apart but you will need a truck or SUV when you pick it up. Buyer must disassemble and pick up at my house. [There are also folks who move and assemble these for a fee.] Make an offer!
    * 200 lbs. stacked weight. 
* Designed for those who prefer the free weight feel in a home gym environment. 
* Unique patented articulating arm. 
* Space saving without compromising exercise quality. 
* Unique tripod design for greater stability. 
* Includes optional leg press.
    Some H-310 Exercises:
Vertical bench
Incline press
Decline Press
Pec Fly 

Shoulder Press
Shoulder Shrugs
Upright Row
Seated Rear Delt 

Leg Extension
Standing Leg Curl
Inner/Outer Thigh
Calf Raise
Glute Kick
Lat Pull
Bent Over Row
Back Hyper Ext. 

Preacher Curl
One Arm Curls
Tricep Pushdown
Seated Tricep Ext. 

Ab Crunch
Side Bends

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