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Milky Spore Program - Summer 2005 Treatments

Discussion in 'Nature/Habitat/Garden Corner' started by habitatvolunteer2, May 25, 2005.

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  1. habitatvolunteer2

    habitatvolunteer2 New Member

    May 11, 2005
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    Milky Spore Program - Treatments Continue

    Over 376 Broadlands neighbors have chosen to use milky spore as a natural method to halt the damaging life cycle of Japanese beetles. This product was recommended by the Habitat team, because it is safe for the environment, children, pets and ourselves. Milky spore is a natural biological remedy, registered with the EPA as a "host-specific product", which means it only affects the Japanese beetle grub. It is not a harsh chemical. After Milky spore has been established (within 1 to 3 years), it is guaranteed by St Gabriel Labs to last at least 10 years. In some Virginia/Maryland/DC communities, it has been known to last for 15 to 20 years.

    Don't miss the opportunity to have your lawn treated this year. Although Milky spore can be applied anytime the ground is not frozen, it is most effective when used during August and September when grubs feed the most heavily.

    You may either sign up to have St Gabriel Labs (the manufacturers of Milky Spore) come treat your yard this summer or you may put down the milky spore by yourself*. If you choose to have St Gabriel Labs conduct the treatment, please download the application and new price list at: (this is a new link for Broadlands residents) http://www.milkyspore.com/litdownloads/SporeCommunityProgram2.pdf). Price includes labor and materials. Complete the application form and call Nancy at St Gabriel Labs at 1-800-801-0061 for further instruction.

    For technical questions and answers about milky spore, go to: http://www.milkyspore.com/msporefaq.htm

    (*If you plan to put down the milky spore treatment by yourself instead of hiring St Gabriel Labs, the cheapest place to buy milky spore off-the-shelf is at Lowes and Home Depot. The Nature Center has dispenser tubes which you can check out & borrow to dispense the spore around your yard.)


    One or two more treatment dates for Broadlands are being scheduled for the end of July or beginning of August by St Gabriel Labs. Any scheduled treatment date will be weather permitting. If weather does not permit (because of heavy rain or thunderstorms), the treatments will be rescheduled again for a future date at the discretion of, and by, St Gabriel Labs.

    For the most accurate, up-to-date info on milky spore treatment dates, please contact:

    • Nancy at St Gabriel Labs at 1-800-801-0061,
    • John Hansen, a local subcontractor for summer 2005, is working with both St Gabriel Labs and Safeguard Pest Control at 703-898-0059 (primary cell phone) or 1-801-830-0033 (secondary cell phone).



    To prepare yourself for your one-time powder milky spore treatment here are your simple instructions. (This holds true whether you or St Gabriel Labs apply the milky spore powder to your yard):

    (1) Please be prepared to water the one-time application of milky spore powder into the soil within 24 to 48 hours. The spore could die if left out under the hot UV rays of sunlight too long, thereby necessitating retreatment. Water the powder spore thoroughly into the soil so that the grubs can find the spore at the grass root level and eat it successfully.

    (2) The powder spore should be placed one teaspoonful for every four feet or less in a grid pattern across your entire yard, flower beds, and on the sunny side of your tree save area.

    (3) Continue your lawn mowing schedule, as you normally would, except for one thing. If, on any given day, you or your lawn mowing company see the white powder spots in uniform rows across your lawn and flower beds (if you signed up for a treatment by St Gabriel Labs), then please water the spore into the ground - first - before mowing</u>. Otherwise the lawn mower blades might accidentally pick up the spore and carry it off your lawn thereby wasting it and necessitating retreatment.

    Please inform your lawn care company of the important step to water in the spore before they cut your lawn. After watering the spore into the soil, you can do anything you wish to your lawn.

    (4) If, for some odd reason, any mistakes are made in coordinating the lawn cutting and the spore treatment (which are out of your control), please call StGL at 1-800-801-0061, explain your personal situation, and ask StGL to return to your home for a retreatment. They will take care of the retreatment for you. They do not give refunds.
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