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Welcome Back Hummingbirds!

Discussion in 'Nature/Habitat/Garden Corner' started by KTdid, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. KTdid

    KTdid Well-Known Member

    Jun 14, 2006
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    The Hummingbird migration is in full swing. If you put nectar out for the wee ones, try to have your feeders filled and hanging very soon. People around here always ask when it's the right time to put the feeders out. The general concensus is tax time. If you're new to feeding bear in mind the following:

    Since the nectar should be changed every 3 days and 2 days in hot climate, choose a feeder easy to clean. (mold can kill hummingbirds). They should be washed with a gentle soap and thoroughly rinsed.

    Find a feeder that will allow the hummingbird to perch while feeding. This will give him a brief rest and allow you optimum viewing.

    Hummingbird nectar comes in a powder ready to mix with water or you can make your own. Just boil 4 cups of water, remove from the heat and dissolve in one cup of sugar until clear. Cool the nectar before filling your feeder and refrigerate the remainder for refills.

    If you have to take in your feeders at night because of raccoons, make sure the feeders are out just before dawn the following morning when they are most active.

    Once hummingbirds find your feeder, they will return year after year and even introduce their young to your feeder.


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