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WRM Appliance Company

Discussion in 'Homeowners Corner' started by Brassy, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Brassy

    Brassy Hiyah

    May 25, 2004
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    Hi All,

    I wanted to reccommend WRM. Bill the owner is a great guy, and very exact in doing his job. We've been in our (new when bought)house for almost 4 years (in September).

    SO far in the last 6 months: our dispenser would not give us water. 2 Computer panels later it worked...1st one did ok, but then the ice wouldn't come out. So the 2nd was replaced for free, but still no ice. Much work later (all free) we found it was the rocker light switch in the freezer, which apparently also operates the dispenser for ice. He was frustrated that it did not make sense why the ice wouldn't work, looked at the schematic and no dispenser was even ON the picture of the side by side! So he kept at it, and now it is fixed for only the cost of one panel and the switch.

    Also during this time, he has replaced the burnt out motor in the microwave for the turntable, and we had him replace our cooktop (I didn't like the one we had installed by the builder and ordered one from the GE website), and the control panel for the dopuble oven, when the touch pads wouldn't do anything (rocking your finger makes the nails eventually cut the circuit)and it started peeling up on the sides!

    The Fridge is a GE Artica, and the other appliances are GE Profile. Having GE appliances work fine before we did not want to waste our money on the warranties.

    I highly reccomend this company. 703-430-0766, BIll most always can get there in a day.

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