2023 Assessments – Please adjust your payment amounts prior to January 1st!


Please review new assessments for 2023 and be sure to update your payment amount effective January 1 to prevent late fees: Assessment Breakdown

Courtyard Homes (includes Hillside) (landscape services)$160$180
Town Homes$108$116
Town Homes (Demott & Silver – landscape services)$138$148
Park Glen Villas (landscape services – outside of fenced areas)$126$138
Single Family Homes (VDOT Streets)$93$99
Single Family Homes (private Streets)$114$120
Single Family Homes (Hillside VDOT Streets)$139$159
Condos (Signature and Villages)$69 (+condo fees)$73
Condos (Demott & Silver – includes trash & road maintenance)$108 (+condo fees)$116
Southern Walk Assessments$80$75
For full details about the 2023 Budget and Assessments, please review pages 12-17 of the December newsletter, Our Neck of the Woods.

Hyde Park Community Meeting

You are invited to a community meeting next Tuesday, March 15th at 7:00pm at Clyde’s regarding the proposed Hyde Park development on Broadlands Boulevard and Belmont Ridge Road. This rezoning application is being considered by Loudoun County and for annexation into Broadlands Association. Please see event invite for full details and to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hyde-park-broadlands-community-meeting-tickets-290924261297