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New Profile Posts

  1. NVmasonry
    NV Masonry| Stone Masonry Vancouver
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  2. Habitat
    Need recommendations for a Financial Planners familiar with FERS retirement.
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  3. moabb02
    Hello, I am at 42524 Sweetpine Ln, Broadlands. When is it a good time for you? Thx.
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  4. shim
    shim moabb02
    Hi interested in your bikes. Can you send me address and good time to stop by please. 202.297.5133 text- thank you.
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  5. FRi2
    FRi2 L0stS0ul
    Hi! I saw that you relocated your fireplace vent to your roof. I’m also in need to relocate my vent as there isn’t enough clearance from the the vent and it’s starting to warp. Any suggestions to a contractor? And cost if you don’t mind me asking?

    I used amazing flame to clean/etc. but the heat is too much they advised outside.

    Additionally, I’m new in town, so a general contractor would be good to have. Thanks!
    1. L0stS0ul
      We used Premier Home Services for our deck remodel and they also did the vent move. Cost wise ours was more because we took the opportunity to also make the exterior more attractive. Since it was all part of the same contract I don't remember how much extra it added.

      Mar 7, 2020
  6. Aksana Freeman
    Aksana Freeman
    Does HOA have the right to enter my house?
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    2. Tim
      They do not
      Jun 20, 2020
  7. Diana Weber
    Diana Weber
  8. TravelingTutor
  9. nnp
    Any recommendations for aeration/re-seeding lawn services? Thanks!
  10. GeorgeSC
    GeorgeSC jmr0023
    I got one last year - how can we meet so i can get one for this year? Nandos Peri Peri is the best deal!
    1. jmr0023
      sorry but all unsold cards were turned back in a few weeks ago so we don't have any to sell. Go Cowboys!
      Aug 26, 2019
  11. Sumit Sharma
  12. ALOEL
    Getting on......common ground
  13. glmgmartin
  14. sasks
    sasks momoftwo
    Sorry for the delay. I have been out of town. Thanks for your interest. The oak shelves are still available. I am available all day and evening Tuesday the 30th and Wednesday morning the 31st. Let me know if you have availability these times. Thanks, sasks
  15. Elle
    NEW PRICING UPDATE JULY 2018 15 min - $12.00/ 30 min - $18.00/ 45 min - $35.00/ 1 Hour - $40.00
  16. Elle
    Broadlands PetPal Pricing Update for July 2018
  17. Valevin2
  18. Elle
    Planning a getaway and need loving pet care? Visit BroadlandsPetpal. com
  19. Norra
    Lost male cat---grey tabby--last seen 6/9/18 7pm on Summerhouse Place. If seen or found please call 703-577-5234
  20. Habitat
    Habitat Broadlands HOA
    The property at 43155 Huntsman Sq has grass 10" + in the back yard.