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Broadlands Green Halloween Costume Swap Oct. 12

Discussion in 'Local Area Events' started by erica, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. erica

    erica New Member

    Jul 31, 2006
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    Do you have one or more of your child's gently-worn, yet outgrown, Halloween costumes taking up precious closet/drawer space? Consider donating it to the Third Annual Broadlands Green Halloween Costume Swap!

    Girl Scout Troop 6823 is now collecting costumes at the Broadlands Nature Center! Bring in a gently-worn, clean costume from now until swap day and exchange it for a swap ticket from an HOA staffer. On Oct. 12, join us from 9-11am at the Broadlands Community Center to exchange your swap ticket for a like-new costume.

    Don't have a ticket? You may purchase a costume for $5 each starting at 10am. Proceeds go to the Girl Scout SHARE program.

    We have many infant sizes left over from last year, so please spread the word to your new mom friends!

    Save $$ and the environment! Complete details may be found here: http://broadlandsnaturally.org/2013/08/29/broadlands-green-halloween-costume-swap/

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