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Eagle Ridge Bus Routes

Discussion in 'Eagle Ridge Middle School News and Events' started by volvo_nut, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. volvo_nut

    volvo_nut New Member

    Aug 19, 2003
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    Did the PE teacher map out the Eagle Ridge bus stops this year? :)

    Homes in the center of Broadlands will have an interesting choice:

    a. .7 mile walk to the bus stops at the edge of the community (away from Eagle Ridge for some)
    b. .8 mile walk to Eagle Ridge

    There is that nice Boy Scouts bridge used in Loudoun's walking analysis yet the county does not want to maintain it during winter storms, interesting. Perhaps a bus stop closer to the center of the community would have been worth consideration.

    Perhaps parents in the new walk zones and new bus stops of Broadlands will decide to drop off their kids but this will significantly increase the traffic around Eagle Ridge, especially on rainy days.

    At the end of day the distance is not *that* far, when we were kids we had a 1 mile walk to school and it was up hill both ways in 3ft of snow - but we moved here for a better life for our kids. :)

    I say much of this in jest but I know there are a few parents not pleased with the thought that went into the bus route decision.

    PDILLM Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2009
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    Its not just a few parents, as it impacts the entire HOA. The LCPS has planned for the trails to be used all winter long and was a factor in determining the walk zone, yet these trails are not maintained by the HOA in the winter. So, do we keep the trails unmaintained during the winter, start maintaining them at additional cost, or ??? It's hard enough to get all the neighbors to shovel their own sidewalk in the winter, so interesting discussion!

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