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Engineering Technician

Discussion in 'Jobs and Help Wanted' started by Tech91, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Tech91

    Tech91 Member

    Apr 5, 2008
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    Pavement Technical Solutions, Inc. (PTS) is a small specialty pavement testing and engineering firm located in Northern Virginia. PTS’s clientele list generally includes local, state, and federal agencies. PTS is consistently involved in diverse projects located in the United States as well as south Pacific, Caribbean, and Middle East regions.

    Location: Travel to project sites to perform field work as required; otherwise work from home.

    We are currently seeking a highly motivated individual that will serve as an Engineering Technician. The primary duties include (1) CAD – Computer Aided Drafting, (2) performing pavement condition inspections; (3) nondestructive testing using either our falling weight deflectometer (FWD) or heavy weight deflectometer (HWD); and (4) laser roughness profiling.

    Good verbal communication skills are required as it will be necessary for the candidate to coordinate their daily activities on each project site. Some mechanical ability or knowledge is a plus since the technician will be required to maintain and repair equipment in the event of a break down.

    The candidate must be proficient with AutoCAD and experience with MicroStation is a plus. The candidate must be experienced in preparing preliminary and final plan sheets from field notes, data files, and drawings; plotting profiles and cross sections; reading and interpreting engineering sketches, maps, survey field notes, aerial photographs, and drawings.

    Additional requirements:

    · Must pass a background check.
    · Possess a valid driver’s license.
    · Must be capable of air travel.
    · Must either possess a current passport or be capable of obtaining a passport.

    To learn more, visit www.pavementtechsolutions.com.

    Please send resume to ptsvirginia@pavementtechsolutions.com.

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