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For Sale Face Ripper 70" Animatronic Halloween Character Prop Very Rare

Discussion in 'For Sale and Lost & Found' started by lindpro, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. lindpro

    lindpro New Member

    Apr 22, 2005
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    This life-sized Halloween character will pull his face off to reveal a cackling skull.
    The "Face Ripper" is just the ghoul to add an extra dose of fright to your Halloween festivities. His shifting eyes light up as he taunts trick-or-treaters who happen by. Once their attention is secured, the Ripper tears his face off, revealing a cackling skull beneath.
    70" life-size standing animatronic halloween character
    Rips face off to reveal skull underneath
    2 sets of sayings
    Moving light-up LED eyes
    Synchronized mouth movement, with face both on and off
    Collapses for easy storage
    For indoors / covered porch display
    UL listed adapter included (input: 110~120V, output: 6V DC 2000mA)
    Dimensions: 19" x 16" x 70"
    I also have the Heads Up Harry Clown and Heads Up Harry Halloween Props


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