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Ladder “Boys night out” Doubles Tournament

Discussion in 'Tennis Forum' started by Blandstennis, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Blandstennis

    Blandstennis New Member

    Dec 23, 2009
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    Participants: All Tennis Players. New players that join after the start of the first round must start at the bottom of the ladder.

    Fee: Free forBroadlands Residents. Just bring a new can of balls for your match and donate them to the kids programs after you are done. 5.00 For Non Residents.

    Seeding: Initial seeding based on NTRP ranking.

    Format: Three “No Add” scoring sets will be played with a tie break at 5–5 in
    each set.

    First set: #1 and #2 play #3 and #4 (6-4)
    Second set: #1 and #3 play #2 and #4 (6-5)
    Third set: #1 and #4 play #2 and #3. (3-6)

    Score Sheet: The court winner fills out the scores card (Sample in attachment) and reports it. In this case #2 is the winner of the court since it won 17 games out of 30 for a .5666 winning percentage.

    If players don’t show up, the next player in the ranking will take his sport -- for example, if #3 is out sick, #5 will join the group above.

    Ranking: A winning percentage for each player is calculated dividing total games won by total games played. A grand total winning percentage will be calculated week by week and the highest percentages will be at the top of the ranking.

    Tournament Period: Every other Sunday night (7pm) rounds from March 21 to July 18, 2010

    Winner: The top position at the end of each tournament period will receive the "King of Broadlands" Championship Trophy!

    Current Ranking


    1. Luis Rosado - 5.5
    2. Who wants to join

    Sign up enjoy the fun! Please contact Luis at broadlandstennis@yahoo.com

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