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Lawn Care

Discussion in 'Homeowners Corner' started by Capricorn1964, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. Capricorn1964

    Capricorn1964 Well-Known Member

    Mar 4, 2010
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    Just had observed someone from Weedman did the "weed/feed" for two neighbors of mine's yards today. Can't say I was impressed. I wouldn't have weed/feeded my yard if there were TONS of leaves all over the yard. I would have waited until all the leaves were picked up before weeding the yard with fertilizer, etc.

    I say this because the guy didn't do much weeding/feeding at all...He basically walked in a straight line through the yard avoiding all the leaves (and there were alot). Most of the stuff that was sprayed from the machine just sits on top of the leaves---So the yard isn't going to benefit much from it.

    I think Im going to pass up on Weedman and look at other companies and observe how they take care of their customers' yards as I want to be sure that I am getting my $$ worth and the yard benefiting from it. Do the other companies wait until all the leaves are picked up or do they go ahead and use the drop spreader anyway? I don't want them to come to my house and do the work if there are TONS of leaves all over my yard. My yard will not benefit from the treatment since the pellets/chemicals will just sit on the leaves instead of on the yard.

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  2. flynnibus

    flynnibus Well-Known Member Forum Staff

    Oct 29, 2002
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    our lawn company would refuse to do the treatment if the leaves were too much. which was its own frustration because you'd do leaves... and then they'd show up at some random time... after enough leaves had fallen again. And they'd keep harassing you to clean the leaves.

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