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LSCO Reminder of Home Security Class at 7PM Tonight at Little River Elementary

Discussion in 'Broadlands Neighborhood Watch' started by msflynn, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. msflynn

    msflynn New Member

    Jul 15, 2002
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    Loudoun County, VA: The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents of tonight’s home security class in South Riding, VA. The class comes in response to a series of burglaries in the Northern Virginia region targeting gold jewelry. All are welcome to attend.

    The class will be held at 7 p.m. at Little River Elementary School located at the 43464 Hyland Hills Street in South Riding, VA. The class will review basic home security measures such as using proper locks, lighting, windows, safes, and alarm systems.

    In the past several weeks three homes were entered during the daytime in the South Riding community of Loudoun County, VA. In all three cases gold jewelry was targeted. A similar case occurred in June in the same area of the county. Loudoun Sheriff’s Investigators believe the cases are connected to a series burglaries targeting gold jewelry in surrounding communities.

    The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Until will offer tips on how to properly secure your home including:

    • All exterior doors should be secured by a deadbolt lock. Install good locks on windows and a locking bar or track lock device on sliding glass doors.
    • Close and lock all garage doors.
    • Leave on interior lights or place them on automatic timers. Motion sensor lights should be installed on the exterior of the home near entrances.
    • Trim all shrubs and bushes around the home. They should not be allowed to grow higher than 24 inches or higher than the lower ledge of a first floor window. A well kept yard is a deterrent to burglars.

    By taking these steps you can reduce the chances of your home being burglarized. Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity. This means the more difficult it is for someone to enter your home, the more likely they will move on to a home that is less secure.



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