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Mill Run (Car) parade this friday

Discussion in 'Broadlands Community Issues' started by sri_n, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. sri_n

    sri_n Member

    Jul 8, 2003
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    (Copy pasted verbatim from a Facebook post)

    From Principal Cornely via email-

    'Speaking of being outside, please mark your calendars for a Mill Run Parade (within our Mill Run attendance zone boundaries) that will take place on Friday, March 27th beginning at 10:00 AM. For this parade, several of our Mill Run staff are actually going to come to you! Please be on the lookout as many Mill Run staff members will drive their cars (still maintaining social distancing) throughout our neighborhoods. If your family is interested and available to participate, please don’t hesitate to step on your front lawn or wave to us from your window. How will you know when we are near? You’ll hear the horns blaring Also, if you would, please spread the word within our community, including to those who do not have children at Mill Run… so that they’re not too surprised'
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