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Ohio State vs. LSU

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by MadCat07, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. GeauxTigers

    GeauxTigers Member

    Aug 25, 2006
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    I was just messing with you. With respect to location, I am torn on that one. With a family connection to the Sugar Bowl committee, it's great to be able to get face value tickets to the New Orleans Sugar Bowl/BCS games so I love it when LSU makes it however it would be nice to have a solid LSU bowl win not on theoretical home turf. Last year before Florida was selected to play for the title, they would have been in the Sugar Bowl as SEC champs and LSU was looking like a lock for a USC Rose Bowl match but of course Florida vacating the SEC-Sugar tie left the Sugar open for LSU. That long awaited LSU-USC meeting (since the 2003 title) would have been great. Of course I didn't mind seeing LSU give ND a beating. The same thing should have happened this year with Georgia and USC if LSU had not been pushed to the #2 slot.

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