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Small Office Furniture Etc

Discussion in 'For Sale and Lost & Found' started by Audrey, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Audrey

    Audrey Member

    Mar 3, 2004
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    Broadlands resident, selling excess office furniture and equipment, everything's working and in reasonably good condition. Larger items must be picked up at the office, corner of Rte 7 and Ashburn Village; smaller items can be picked up in Broadlands.

    Locking Key Cabinet: Wall-mount putty-colored steel key cabinet. Locks with a key. Holds 66 keys, has 23 of the numbered keytags. 13" x 17" x 3". Looks like new. (Photo is similar but not exactly the same.) $20

    Fan: Like new in box Holmes Elite 16" remote control stand fan. Black and silver. Has all parts, no damage, works great. Speeds are low, medium, and high. Timer option turns fan off after 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. Oscillates. Price is less than half similar models found on the internet. This photo is similar but not exactly the same. $30

    Tan Fellowes monitor stand. Save space and get your monitor up off your desk. It's a rectangular box 23.5" wide by 15.5" deep by 5" tall with a roll-out tray underneath for the keyboard. There's a slight crack in the middle of the front of the tray but it works fine. Comes with a gel strip to rest your wrists on in front of the keyboard plus a matching mousepad. $5.

    Plastic mat for under a desk, $5.

    White chair, good quality but discoloration on seat fabric. $5.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Eight new phone message pads, $10.

    Legal size hanging file folders in grey, purple, and yellow, about two full boxes, new. $10.

    Typewriter table on casters. Medium oak grain laminate. Drop down leaf on the right side. 26" tall, 15.25" deep, 27" wide with the leaf down, 38" with the leaf up. Chunk of laminate missing on the top left edge, and there's some liquid damage to the top but once you put your office equipment on top it won't be obvious. We used it as a printer table. $10.

    Printer table. 2' long x 1'5" wide x 2'2" tall. Base is black metal with woodgrain down the sides. Top is not original - two pieces of woodgrain laminated particleboard were bolted on one side but not the other. Even so, it provides a stable surface that looks nice once something is on it. We have used it as a printer table and as a place to keep our paper cutter. $10.

    Canon DeskJet 312c small (portable) color printer with ink installed. $15. Includes disk.

    Microwave - works fine except the interior lamp doesn't light. Includes user manual. $5

    Small computer desk or stand: Includes pull-out keyboard and printer trays and handy shelf, and rolls on casters. Medium oak color. $15

    Locking Supply Cabinet - Tan steel supply cabinet with wood laminate top. Stands about 3.5 feet tall, has 3 shelves. Two locking doors, keys included. $40.

    PowerTree 50 power strip with 6 outlets. $5

    APC300 uninterrupted power supply, back-up power and surge protector for computer. $5.

    Stanley 15' extension cord, grey, 3 outlets. $5
    Woods 9' extension cord, putty color, 3 outlets. $2
    5' extension cord, putty color, 1 outlet. $1.
    13' phone wire, one line or two lines. $1

    Timers and more household extension cords previously used for Christmas window lights: 1 really long white cord with three outlets each holding up to three plugs, $2. 1 long white cord with two outlets each holding up to three plugs, $2. 1 really really long white cord with an outlet at the end for three plugs, $1. 9 more regular cords (4 white, 1 brown, 4 green), $1 each. 1 regular green cord with a step-on switch, $1. 7 various light switch timers each $2. All for $15/OBO.

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