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"The Forbidden Kingdom" FREE Movie Night for Kids!!!

Discussion in 'Broadlands Advertisers Forum' started by TopKick@ Southern Walk, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. TopKick@ Southern Walk

    TopKick@ Southern Walk TopKick of Broadlands

    Apr 19, 2007
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    Bring yourself and your friends over to TopKick and find out what all the excitement is about! This Friday, we will be taking a group of TopKick members, their friends and those new to TopKick to the opening night of "The Forbidden Kingdom" - Starring Jackie Chan & Jet Li. This movie will promote the martial arts in a positive way with lessons in perseverance, dedication and patience. Plus it's going to be super cool! We will finish the night with a special Martial Arts Lesson and Fun Activities sure to keep the excitement going! PARENTS, This event is FREE, that's right FREE, if your child brings a buddy(New to TopKick) to come along otherwise we are asking for a $25 registration fee. This is a Bring a Buddy event to introduce TopKick and the Martial Arts to those that do not know about us in the community. Sure to be a blast but spots are limited so hurry and call us today!! More details below!

    What's Included:
    • Transportation to the theaters in our Martial Arts School Bus! DVD player included with rocking tunes to pump up our guest!
    • Movie Passes to the "The Forbidden Kingdom" Opening Night Show
    • Snacks at the school after we get back
    • Special Fun Martial Arts Weapons Class after the Movie!
    • FREE 1 Month Trial Memberships for New Students ($120 Value)
    Need to Knows:
    • DATE: April 18th, 2008 - This Friday!!!
    • DROP OFF TIME: 6:00-6:30pm
    • PICK UP TIME: 9:30-10:00pm
    BRING A BUDDY: Free for BOTH!! (Friends Must be New to TopKick)
    Single Registrations: $25

    Limited spots available! Registration forms are at the front desk of our school or you can call 703-723-5425 for more information and to secure your spot!

    Movie Rating is PG-13 for Sequence of Martial Arts Action and Some Mild Violence.

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