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TMobile Wireless Coverage

Discussion in 'Community Broadband & Computers' started by TheWegs, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. TheWegs

    TheWegs New Member

    Oct 21, 2014
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    I am thinking about making the switch from Verizon Wireless to T-Mobile

    My family doesn't travel much only a few trips to Bethany Beach per year. Does anyone have any positive or negative feedback about T-Mobile wireless coverage in Loudoun County or other experiences with it?

  2. Salvadoranguy503

    Salvadoranguy503 Member

    Dec 1, 2014
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    I have had tmobile for many years and i never had a problem with local coverage. I have issues when i travel south like north and south carolina. other than that their service is great in nova. Also depending on the phone you get you might be able to get 4GLT if you go to the tmobile website and enter you address it should give you a map with coverage depending on your device (ie 4G LTE , 4g, 3g etc) Tmobile has the best plans (in my opinion) they are inexpensive compared to what other carriers charge.
  3. TigerFan

    TigerFan New Member

    May 22, 2003
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    Broadlands and Ashburn is a pretty good T Mob 4g LTE signal. West of Leesburg no data coverage. If you don't need rural coverage, T Mob works.

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