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For Sale Vintage Wooden Finished Hand-built Dollhouse $500

Discussion in 'For Sale and Lost & Found' started by J W, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. J W

    J W New Member

    Jul 19, 2009
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    This dollhouse is nearly 40 years old and was just given a fresh coat of paint and all new windows and doors. Additionally, all the old wallpaper has been removed and ready for your own decorating touch. The house definitely has lots of playing life left in it and would make a great Christmas present.

    The dollhouse features:
    • Scale is 1:1
    • Cedar shake roof
    • Hardwood floors on 1st and 2nd levels and both sets of stairs
    • Slate-like flooring on first floor porch and top deck
    • 10 rooms to decorate and furnish
    • Approximate measurements:
      • 48.5” wide
      • 42” high on tower peak; 30.5” high at top of chimney
      • 23.5” deep
    • For moving and transportation the tower top is not glued in place

    The 40+ pictured accessories will also be provided. The accessories include hand built from kit dining table, chairs, tables, desk, dressers, grandfather clock and more. Also included are 2 rolls of wallpaper and 1 roll of carpeting. I will also provide the remaining quarts of blue and white paint used to refresh.

    Transportation or delivery of the dollhouse is not provided.

    IMG_3615.jpg 123769584_10224116980174319_4324269828646863924_o.jpg 123523731_10224116980454326_4664632387971539258_o.jpg IMG_3627.jpg IMG_3629.jpg IMG_3631.jpg 123549109_10224116980734333_4548925973934111283_o.jpg 123596476_10224116980534328_4505524530697909994_o.jpg 123789165_10224116980854336_4187336083356772726_o.jpg 124394816_10224116989134543_6791645970587517230_o.jpg
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