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Home Repair VM Shower Door Problem - "resovled" DIY

Discussion in 'Homeowners Corner' started by GeorgeSC, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. GeorgeSC

    GeorgeSC Southern Walker

    Aug 11, 2006
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    Okay all you DIYers...

    Attached is a picture of the "hinge" that has failed over the years of wear and tear. The door started to act really funny over the last 2 years and recently just got bad, we had to "lift" the door in an upward position in order to get it open. Personally I think this is a poor design. There are 2 of these "hinges" - one on top and one on the bottom of the door frame of the shower door. Both appeared to have failed. Why not just put a straight rod through from top to bottom, it might cost an extra 50 cents, or maybe even get the door that has real hinges for $5 per hinge, Hell, I would have paid an extra $50 for a better design. Van Metre....SIGH! :shakehead:

    I can't afford $1500-2000 for a new shower framing.

    2 of my neighbors told me that they had the same problem. One of them - the door actually detached and almost fell on her kids. And I read on this forum several people have this exact same problem, can someone say class action law suit!!:conf3:
    As you can see in the picture the "hinge" is unevenly worn.
    So I went ahead and added some hardened rubber washers for it to clear the uneven wear. I am sure it will eventually wear out again, the next time I will try metal washers, I couldn't find any small metal washers at home, but for now it seems to be performing as if it were new.

    To get to the hinges, remove the top screws(3-4 of them) that are attached to the columns (frame1.jpg). Gently but firmly lift the top frame up enough so you can slide out the door and the pivot piece. "Open" the door, and you will see the screw that secures the hinge (hingescrew.jpg). This will also be a good time to clean all the grim that is hard to get to in the door jam areas. Next unscrew the supporting screw, carefully pull the top frame off the door, BUT BE VERY CAREFUL ,the corners of these aluminum frame are very sharp!!!,
    I learned the hard way :censored: Slide the hinge out, and inspect. do the same for the bottom, both might be damaged or just one. Find some small (metal, rubber, plastic - your choice) washers and put enough on so it clears the chunk of metal that is missing, put everything back together - This part takes a lot of patience, definitely could use an extra pair of hands when putting the rubber strip back flush on the door frame and stationary glass.
    Make sure there is no more play with the door going up and down. Make sure door opens freely without any (lifting up) assistance. Once it's good to go screw everything back, recaulk in areas that caulk has been disturbed.

    Recommended tools - a Friend, Phillips screwdriver, masking tape (secure the rubber strip for re-fitment), 409/bleach to clean hard areas, patience, gloves, caulk, washers - not sure which ones are good plastic, metal or rubber, I will find out soon about the rubber ones, but not too soon I hope!!
    Lastly a cold drink - your choice!

    I hope this helps!


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  2. Sasquatch519

    Sasquatch519 Member

    Jun 26, 2008
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    Very helpful info, thanks for sharing.

    I have a similar-looking shower door. No hinge problems for me yet, but I have had an issue with a plastic/rubbery strip that slides into the bottom of the door. It appears to serve as some kind of guard against water running out of the shower through the bottom of the door. It started falling apart, and I was able to replace it by custom cutting a rubber door guard I found at Home Depot. Now my replacement is wearing out and I've gotta fix it again. Anyone know where I could find the right replacement part?
  3. L0stS0ul

    L0stS0ul hmmmm

    Nov 3, 2003
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    Here was our solution :)

    Ours was not installed properly at all which was causing severe mold and mildew under the track. Plus keeping that thing clean was a total pain in the butt.

    Removed 6 screws and cut away the caulk and the thing just fell right out of the shower. Caulked the holes in the tile and cleaned it all up. SO happy with it now :happygrin:

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  4. jamiefx

    jamiefx New Member

    Jan 19, 2018
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    ...another hinge issue, I think. The bottom hinge of my glass shower door is very crooked (see photo). Does anyone know if I need a new hinge or does the hinge just need to be adjusted. I can't see any way to screw it in.


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  5. boomertsfx

    boomertsfx Booyakasha!

    Feb 14, 2002
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    This just happened to us, although not as bad. To fix:

    • Close door while you are inside shower. (It would be a good idea to have a helper outside the shower as well)
    • Remove all of the plastic drip guards if you have any.
    • Put shims firmly under door to support it. You can also put shims in the gap near the handle.
    • Fron inside shower, take the 2 hinge covers off, then remove gaskets (if bad, replace).
    • While holding the door handle, gently remove the door and carry it somewhere else to clean up.
    • Mark where the hinge base plate contacts the wall with some painters tape so that when you reinstall it it will be in the same exact location.
    • Remove the 4 screws from the plate that attaches it to wall and remove (you might have silicon/caulk as well, so you would have to cut it out to release it).
    • You should see 2 screws in the back that hold the knuckle (what's loose in your picture) to the plate.
    • Remove those, careful not to let the springs (they help the door stay closed) inside fall out.
    • Clean up the hinge while you have easy access.
    • Re-attach knuckle to the base plate with the 2 screws. I recommend using some blue loc-tite so they won't get loose again.
    • Reattach hinge assembly to wall.
    • Bring glass back and use shims to line it up with the hinges
    • re-install rubber gaskets
    • re-install hinge covers
    • Profit
    Good luck -- it took me maybe 30 minutes.

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