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Whole Foods, Gluten-Free Nutrition & Cooking Classes

Discussion in 'Broadlands Advertisers Forum' started by suzeqt26, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. suzeqt26

    suzeqt26 New Member

    Mar 22, 2014
    Likes Received:
    "Feeding the Spirit in Your Physical Body"
    Nutrition Education Accompanied with
    Whole Foods, Gluten-Free Cooking Classes
    How are you feeling? Digestion problems, weight gain, fatigue, and body aches are​
    NOT part of the normal aging process. The food you’re the eating could be keeping you​
    from optimal health and good quality of life. Learn why, what, and how to eat for​
    wellness. Understand what your body does with food and what happens when you​
    aren’t choosing the right ones.​

    Classes begin with a concise and comprehensive nutrition lesson about digestion, importance of the small intestine, sugars and fats, etc. followed by a cooking​
    class. Part demo and part hands on, you will gain experience and confidence by​
    learning foundational methods. You will no longer need to spend hours going through​
    cookbooks for ideas. Handouts and recipes are included, along with generous tastings​
    of everything cooked!​

    Four class lessons followed by cooking classes held every other week, with two day/times offered per week in a private home in Broadlands on Glebe View Drive. You choose the one which most conveniently fits your schedule! You can attend one, two or all!
    Mondays 7-9pm or Wednesdays noon-2pm.

    Space is limited to 8 participants! HURRY, classes begin Monday, March 2nd!!

    $150 for all 4 or $50 each class!

    See website for complete class descriptions, sign up and payment! On the website, Go to "Services" and scroll to 'Nutrition & Cooking Classes' and click on "Spring Nutrition & Wellness". Use the contact form for more information.

    Let us, help you "Turn Your Life Around" in 2015!


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