January’s Potions Class Rescheduled for January 26!

January’s Potions – All About Digestion

We figured as our immune system is strong when our digestive tract is strong it was the right place to start during cold and flu season. So we’re learning some basic skills to make all of your food more easily digested and then also looking at some herbal supports. We will be making sourdough bread (I’m gluten intolerant, but the sourdough fermentation breaks up the wheat gluten making this much more easily digestible than normal bread), learning to make yogurt and sauerkraut (two ways of putting the good bacteria in your guts so you get the nutrition from your food!), creating a belly tea to support both digestive tracts that are moving too fast and too slow, mixing a digestive bitter to take with meals (this is a recipe from the company Urban Moonshine and one of my favorites), and concocting a digestive elixir for acute digestive illness. So many skills to cover, so little time. Register online so we can have all of the supplies needed for this information dense class.

You may purchase this series of classes as a package for $150, which is a $50 savings, or purchase individual classes for $20 each.   REGISTER HERE>>