Van Metre Begins Clearing Section 208

Dec 5, Blasting:  PRK Drilling and Blasting, Inc. will begin blasting Section 208 next week and continue for 2-3 weeks. Please click on the following document to view their air horn warning sequence, which also includes the blasting site map: Blast Warning Notice.  They will typically blast once a day (between 2-3 pm), Monday through Friday. Questions or issues can be directed to PRK Drilling & Blasting at 540-888-4959.

Nov 15, Clearing: On Friday, November 17, 2017, Van Metre will start to clear Section 208, which is the wooded area on Wynridge Drive between Avonworth and Stillwater Terrace. This area will be developed into age-restricted condos. Please do not enter the construction zone. Questions can be directed to Van Metre Homes at 703-348-5800.