About Broadlands

A map of Broadlands in PDF format is available for download. While not ‘current’, it does provide a good overview of our community.

The Broadlands is a master planned community in Broadlands, VA, located between Dulles International Airport and Leesburg, VA. Broadlands includes Stream Valley Park which runs through the entire community. With playgrounds, natural areas, walking and biking paths, picnic areas and a wetlands boardwalk, the Broadlands community is indeed “The Natural Way to Live.” Broadlands is a Certified Wildlife Habitat Community by the National Wildlife Federation, and is only the 25th community nationwide to achieve this certification.

The community has several areas that are designated as wetlands. Wetlands are the link between the land and the water. They are transition zones where the flow of water, the cycling of nutrients, and the energy of the sun meet to produce a unique ecosystem characterized by hydrology, soils, and vegetation, making these areas very important features of a watershed. Learn more about wetlands from the US Army Corps of Engineers’ publication Recognizing Wetlands and the EPA flyer Wetland Overview.

The Broadlands has three community pools: the Summerbrooke PoolSouthern Walk Pool and the Community Center Pool. Tennis courts are available for use at the Nature Center Courts and the Hillside Courts. Playgrounds are located at Harvest & Welby, the Nature CenterSummerbrooke and at Hillside Park.

At over 5,000 square feet, the Broadlands Nature Center is the highlight of the community. Multiple events are hosted throughout the year. It not only houses animals, but is also the HOA staff offices. Stop by and see the bunnies Zoey and her sister Khloe. The Broadlands also has a Community Center for use, which residents can rent for occasions such as birthday parties, wedding receptions and graduation parties (among others).

Our HOA-sponsored committees hosts a wide variety of programs and events all throughout the year:

  • Nature programs for adults and children
  • Spring Egg Hunt and visit with the Bunny
  • Broadlands Live Concert Series
  • Flicks in the Sticks outdoor movies
  • Halloween Parade
  • Visit with Santa
  • …many others!

Contact Broadlands HOA at:

Broadlands Association, Inc.
21907 Claiborne Parkway
Broadlands, VA 20148
(703) 729-9704
Fax (703) 729-9733