Thanksgiving Week…

TRASH AND RECYCLING: No trash or recycling services will be provided on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24, 2022. Make-up day is scheduled for Saturday, November 26, 2022. Please be sure to have cans out by 6:00am.

HOA OFFICE HOURS: Offices close early on Wednesday, November 23rd at 12pm (noon) and will be closed all day from Thursday, November 24th thru Friday, November 25th for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Traffic Calming Study/Proposed Speed Humps


Please review the following documentation which includes maps, affected streets & addresses, and voting info:

traffic calming

Overview of Traffic Calming Study

Following resident concerns regarding speeding on neighborhood roads, the Broadlands Board of Directors submitted a request to Loudoun County Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) to conduct engineering studies on roads where speeding had been reported.  In 2019, DTCI developed a residential traffic management guide that outlines the process by which owners and homeowners’ associations can request traffic calming measures on the public residential roadways within their communities.  To qualify for such the engineering study, a road must meet eligibility requirements as follows: it must be a VDOT owned and maintained road; it must be a neighborhood street where residents connect to roadway via driveways; and it must have a posted speed limit of 25MPH or less. The roads studied were Chickacoan Trail Drive, Demott Drive, Glebe View Drive, Ridgeway Drive, and Village Drive. The studies were performed in September 2021. DTCI placed traffic monitoring devices in selected areas and monitored traffic volumes and speed over a 48-hour period. A roadway can qualify for proposed traffic calming measures if is meets the following measures: traffic volumes between 600 and 4,000 vehicles per day; 85th percentile observed speed must be 10MPH or more than the posted speed limit, so 15% or more of the vehicles must be going 10MPH or greater over the speed limit. Portions of Chickacoan Trail Drive, Demott Drive, Glebe View Drive, and Ridgeway Drive qualified, but Village Drive did not.  Complete details of the study, including the data collection locations and the time speed reports can be found in the information above.

Following their study, DTCI developed a conceptual plan that recommends the installation of speed humps in specific locations on each of the qualifying roadways.  The proposed speed humps are 10ft wide and three inches tall.  DTCI worked with all affected stakeholders, including Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia Department of Transportation, Loudoun County Public Schools, Department of General Services, Department of Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, and volunteers from Broadlands Association. The affected homes were broken down into four separate sections based on frequent travel routes and proximity to the proposed humps. Each of the four ballot areas are independent of each other.  In other words, residents off Glebe View Drive are voting related to speed humps on that road, residents off Demott Drive are voting related to speed humps on that road.  There may be some sections that receive enough support to install humps and some that do not.  Each section votes independent of the other sections.

Speed humps cannot be installed on inclines as they create ice dams, they cannot be installed near storm drains, and care and consideration were taken by county staff to try to minimize the impact and viewshed on fronting residences. The installation of speed humps requires greater than 50% of the affected homes in each of the areas to vote in favor.  A vote not cast is considered a no vote. DTCI has mailed out postcards to over 1,000 residents in each of the four areas, asking them to log on and cast their vote.  Each post card has a unique ID number associated with the unit. There is a 30-day window in which the votes can be cast, November 16 through December 16.  No votes will be accepted outside of that window.  If there is less than 51% support from the residents in each area, the speed humps cannot be installed in that area and another engineering study and traffic calming measures cannot be requested for another five years. If you are on the affected address list, which can be found in the above section, and you have misplaced or did not receive your postcard, you may request your ID number via email.  Requests must be submitted before November 30th to and must include full name and address, and may include phone.  Only one vote per unit is permitted and votes can be cast by the resident of the unit, whether owner or renter.

Please review all of the information provided to make an informed decision on the suggested traffic calming measures.  Please check out for more information and go to to cast your vote.  There is a link on the ballot form to an interactive map, which can also be found directly at

Trail Repairs


Trail repairs begin the week of November 7th.

See Broadlands Trail Schedule & Map of the following areas that will be serviced:

  • A. Behind Nature Center
  • B. Along Arbor Green
  • C. To Golden Autumn (Widen)
  • D. Along Waxpool/Stone House
  • E. Off of Meadow Field
  • F. Off of Meadow Field
  • G. Truro at White Post
  • H. Pool Lot/Bankbarn 6
  • I. Park Glenn to Avonworth
  • J. Avonworth to Marburg
  • K. Marburg to Wyndridge
  • L. Behind 43926 Cattail

Application for Hyde Park Deferred to November 15th, Board of Supervisors Business Meeting


The final vote of approval or denial for the Hyde Park residential rezoning application is now scheduled for the Board of Supervisors’ Business Meeting on Tuesday, November 15th, 2022. Public input is available during a 5:00pm and 6:00pm speaking session (a speaker may only sign up for one session).

The application was deferred from the November 1st meeting at the request of the applicant.  Those who would like to speak at the Board’s meeting during public input have the option to provide comments in-person or via the phone. Information on how to sign up to speak at the Board meeting is available here. The Loudoun County Planning and Zoning staff analysis packet for the rezoning application from the November 1st meeting can be read here. The full November 15th meeting agenda, a link to watch the meeting live, and an updated staff analysis packet will be available at on the evening of Thursday, November 10th. Questions or comments regarding the application can be made by contacting Broad Run District Supervisor Sylvia Glass via her email and phone number at, or by emailing the full Board of Supervisors

The agenda for the November 15th, 2022 BOS Business meeting, along with the application’s informational document, will be released on the evening of Thursday, November 10th and will be available at Those who were planning to speak during public comment at the November 1st meeting can still do so, and are welcome to speak at the November 15 meeting as well. Speakers have the option of providing comments at either meeting or both meetings. Information on how to sign up to speak at the Board meetings is available here. Questions or comments regarding the application can also be made by contacting me at, Supervisor Sylvia Glass, the Broad Run District Supervisor, or by emailing the full Board of Supervisors at

Description: The applicant proposes rezoning approximately 57.61 acres from PD-OP and PD-H3 Zoning Districts to the R-16/ADU Zoning District to be allowed to construct 779 dwelling units. The current LCPS School Attendance Boundary is Cedar Lane Elementary School, Trailside Middle School and Stone Bridge High School.

Previous Update: At the September 14th Board of Supervisors (BOS) Public Hearing, the BOS voted to send this application to the October 18th BOS Business Meeting for a vote of approval or denial. To learn more about providing input during the BOS Business Meeting click here and call 703-777-0200 to sign up in advance. The deadline to sign up in advance is noon on the day of the meeting.

  • Previous Update: At the July 14th Planning Commission work session, the Planning Commission voted to send this application to the September 14th, 2022 Board Public Hearing. To learn more about providing input during the BOS Public Hearing click here, and call 703-777-0200 to sign up to speak.
  • Previous Update: On May 26th, 2022, the Planning Commission voted to send this application for Hyde Park to the July 14th Planning Commission Work Session. To provide input during this phase of the process for this application, please email the Planning Commission at or make a comment at
  • Previous Update: This application is scheduled to come to the Planning Commission’s Public Hearing on May 26th, 2022. Learn more about participating in planning commission public hearings here.

To check for updates about this application, please visit Loudoun County’s Online Land Application database at To search for this application, click the blue embedded hyperlink titled “Searchable List.” Type in the application number for example, ZMAP-2021-0006, after “Application Number”. Click “select” and scroll down to comment and/or to review the application documents.