Croson Lane Widening Project Board of Supervisor Meeting 9/19/23

The Board of Supervisors is slated to endorse the design and location of the Corson Land Widening Project at their upcoming Business Meeting this Tuesday, September 19, 2023. The Location and Design Endorsement can be viewed here:

Based on constituent feedback, an updated traffic signal study will be performed at the intersection of Croson Lane and Old Ryan Road. Questions can be directed to Sylvia’s office.  Broad Run District Supervisor Sylvia R. Glass | Loudoun County, VA – Official Website

Asphalt Rejuvenation Work – Begins Week of Sept 18th


ASPHALT REJUVENATION PROJECT BEGINS IN SEPTEMBER Broadlands Association has contracted with TRITechnologies to perform asphalt rejuvenation on HOA owned streets beginning September 18th. This work will require the cooperation of all property owners and residents. Work will be done in phases according to the schedule that will be available on our website and in this Blast. This work will require streets to be closed, therefore your cooperation is important as vehicles will need to be relocated if they are parked on the street or if you will need to use them. Signs will be placed to remind residents of upcoming work, however, please pay close attention to the updates provided on our website as poor weather conditions can cause delays. 



The current forecast is for rain to begin this Saturday which will affect the parking space and fire lane painting of Phase C in Map 1. The rejuvenation will be completed today, Friday, September 22nd and will be dry to drive on Saturday morning. However, if the pavement is too wet, the white parking space lines and fire lanes cannot be painted. With the weather forecast calling for continued rain, one of two things will occur:

1.            The crews will open the roadways on Saturday morning to allow residents to access their driveways but will rope off the common area parking spaces and try to return either Sunday, September 24th (or Monday, September 25th in the event of rain on Sunday) to paint the parking space lines and fire lanes and then open those areas up. Keeping the parking spaces empty of vehicles will enable the crews to work quickly to repaint the lines once the pavement is dry enough without having to move vehicles again.

2.            However, if the rain continues and the pavement remains too wet, both roadways and common area parking spaces will open up and the white line and fire lane painting will need to be rescheduled for another day, which will require the common area parking spaces to be blocked off again.

We will continue to provide updates on our website and send out notices as needed. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we deal with Mother Nature.

Week of September 18thStreets off of Village Drive
Residents who live in this area, please review the following map and schedule to plan accordingly