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Tennis Committee Chair: Brad Marcus:

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Description: We have reserved the Nature Center courts on Sunday nights for a men’s doubles ladder.

Participants: Men with NTRP ranking of 3.0 or higher.

Fee: $20.00 covers the season – balls will be provided.

Format: Three “No Add” scoring sets will be played with a tie break at 5 – 5 in each set. Each set will be with a different partner on your court.

Ranking: A winning percentage for each player is calculated dividing total games won by total games played. A grand total winning percentage will be calculated week by week and the highest percentages will be at the top of the ranking. Courts will be assigned based on the rankings. court 1 would have the 4 highest winning percentage players, court 2 would then have the second 4 highest winning percentage players, and so on.

When: Every Sunday night starting at 6:00pm, rounds ongoing through September.

Where: Broadlands Nature Center Courts