2023 Pool Season is May 27 – Sep 4


Pool access will be denied for the following reasons:

1. If you have not registered for virtual pool passes for your household prior to this season, you must do so in order to gain access to our pools. Please follow Steps 1-4 of the online registration process HERE>>
2. If you have registered your household, BUT have not emailed photos/ID’s to the HOA, please refer to Step 4 HERE>>
3. If you are a tenant and have not submitted an AOS and copy of your lease, OR your AOS/lease has expired, please submit a new AOS and lease as per instructions HERE>>
4. If a child has turned 13 and their status is still 12 & under in our system, please email pools@broadlandshoa.com to update their status so they are allowed access without an adult.
5. If a child has turned 5 and you have not added them to your account and submitted their photo, please email pools@broadlandshoa.com.

Changes this Pool Season!

–Only two (2) guests per member or a maximum of six (6) guests per household are permitted at a time.
–Additional guest visits are now $40 per set of 10 visits for residents. Requests made over the weekend or on holidays will not be reviewed until the next business day. Please allow up to 2 business days for passes to be added. Guests Info>>

Hosting a Party: Residents who wish to host a party at one of our three pools must complete our Pool Party Request Form to get approval. Maximum of 30 attendees. There is no charge for this.
Rec Pool Rental: Residents who wish to rent the small Rec Pool located at the Community Pool for a party must pay and complete our Rec Pool Rental Form.

If you are unsure of your virtual pool pass status, please email pools@broadlandshoa.com to inquire prior to pool season to avoid entrance issues. Please visit our pool page where you will find answers to most pool related questions.

Nature Center Renovation Info


As of Friday, May 12th, the Nature Center patios are currently closed and all patio furniture has been temporarily removed while the exterior building undergoes renovations, which is scheduled to begin next week. The entire building will continue to remain closed for the duration of the renovation project. Updates will be posted here on our website as needed.

While the Nature Center building is undergoing renovations, the HOA staff has temporarily relocated to the Clubhouse located at 43360 Rickenbacker Sq. The HOA staff is generally available during regular office hours, Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. To reach the staff, you may knock on the Clubhouse door, however, to ensure staff is available to meet with you, please call the main HOA office number at 703-729-9704 or email info@broadlandshoa.com for help or to schedule an appointment.

New Recycling Program in Broadlands is Seeking Volunteers


The HOA is seeking volunteers to kick off a new recycling initiative that would help the Broadlands community eliminate waste through a partnership with TerraCycle. Our planning meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25th at 6:00pm at the Clubhouse, located at 43360 Rickenbacker Square. Please click the following link to find out how you can help…

2023 Assessments – Please adjust your payment amounts prior to January 1st!


Please review new assessments for 2023 and be sure to update your payment amount effective January 1 to prevent late fees: Assessment Breakdown

Courtyard Homes (includes Hillside) (landscape services)$160$180
Town Homes$108$116
Town Homes (Demott & Silver – landscape services)$138$148
Park Glen Villas (landscape services – outside of fenced areas)$126$138
Single Family Homes (VDOT Streets)$93$99
Single Family Homes (private Streets)$114$120
Single Family Homes (Hillside VDOT Streets)$139$159
Condos (Signature and Villages)$69 (+condo fees)$73
Condos (Demott & Silver – includes trash & road maintenance)$108 (+condo fees)$116
Southern Walk Assessments$80$75
For full details about the 2023 Budget and Assessments, please review pages 12-17 of the December newsletter, Our Neck of the Woods.

Stonehouse Tennis Courts @ Hillside Park

5/24/2023 – Stonehouse tennis courts fence repair and installation of new gate have been completed. Courts are now open.

5/22/23 – Stonehouse tennis courts will be closed from Tuesday May 23rd – Wednesday May 24th for fence repair.

5/8/23 – Stonehouse tennis courts are now open. Fence repair is still pending.

5/3/23 – Currently closed (5/3/23) due to damage from a fallen tree.