Fitness Center

Broadlands Fitness Center – Basement of Clubhouse – 43360 Rickenbacker Sq

The fitness center includes 5 treadmills, 4 elliptical machines, 2 stationary bikes, 2 multi-functional weight trainers, 5 strength machines and a row machine. Hours of operation are from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m, 7 days a week. No entry is permitted after 10:30 p.m. Payment and application are required to access the facility. Please see access information below. All users of the fitness center must read and comply with the Fitness Center Rules.

Please follow steps 1-4 below to gain access to the fitness center. The application process is done via email with the HOA. For questions regarding this process, please contact the HOA at or 703-729-9704, 0.

STEP 1 – Purchase Fitness Center Access

Whether you would like to use the Mobile Phone Bluetooth feature or a Key Fob to gain entry, households must pay a one-time fee of $25 for fitness center access. Additional charges only apply if you would like more than one fob per family or if you need a replacement fob. Additional or replacement fobs are $25 each. No additional charges are required for the Bluetooth option, except the one-time access fee of $25 for your household. You must be aged 18 or older to use the Bluetooth feature. Click the “Buy Now” button below to pay and follow the instructions on Paypal. No Paypal account needed, just click on “pay with debit or credit card”, enter information and follow instructions. You must provide all contact information when paying so we can verify your payment. (please report lost or stolen access fobs immediately to HOA.)

STEP 2 – Complete Agreement

OWNER – Fitness Agreement
TENANT – Fitness Agreement (Completed by Tenants of Absentee Owners) – Tenants must have an Absentee Owner Statement (AOS) completed by the owner and copy of lease submitted to

Email completed Agreement to All eligible users who intend to use the fitness center MUST be included on the Agreement. Members must be at least 18 years old to receive a FOB or access via Bluetooth. Children 13-17 may workout, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children 12 and under are NOT permitted in the gym at anytime.

STEP 3 – Type of Access: Bluetooth or Fob

Once you have paid and emailed your completed Agreement form, EITHER:

1. Use Bluetooth Feature with your mobile phone: If you requested bluetooth instead of a fob on your form, please be sure to include the emails of adult members (18+) when sending your agreement form to Please allow up to 3 business days for staff to initiate the Bluetooth mobile set up. At that time, an email from ProDataKey will be generated to each email you provided with instructions to download the Touch app from your app store to activate your mobile device. Please be sure to check your junk/spam folder if you have not received it, activations must be done within 24-hours of receipt of the activation email. You can then access the fitness facility at 43360 Rickenbacker Sq by opening up the app while approaching the fitness door to unlock.


2. Pick up Fob: make an appointment to pick up your key fob at the HOA office by emailing The HOA building is locked, however, the HOA will respond with instructions on how to obtain your fob. You can then access the fitness facility at 43360 Rickenbacker Sq through the lower rear doors of the building, facing the tennis court. 

Please Note:

–Members must be at least 18 years old to receive a FOB or access via Bluetooth. Children 13-17 may workout, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children 12 and under are NOT permitted in the gym at anytime.
–Should you get a new phone, kindly contact us at to receive a new activation link in order for the Bluetooth access to work on your new phone.

STEP 4 – Read Fitness Center Rules

Fitness Center Rules
Frequent Violations at the Fitness Center
Surveillance Cameras at the Fitness Center.

Please Note: Violation of the fitness center rules may result in suspension or termination of privileges. Please note that members who are delinquent for 60+ days in their monthly assessments will be denied access. Talking on cell phones and opening the door for non-members are a direct violation of HOA rules and may result in suspension of fitness center privilege’s.

New Resident Information

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Community Center Rentals


43004 Waxpool Road, Broadlands, VA 20148


The Community Center located at 43004 Waxpool Rd, Broadlands, VA 20148 is the only building in our community that Broadlands residents can rent for private parties as well as for-profit and non-profit organizations. The building is 1,984 sq. ft. in size and can accommodate up to 108 persons, though it can comfortably fit around 60 seated adults. It has a fully equipped kitchen, a great room with a fireplace, a TV, and two individual restrooms. Chairs and tables are available for use and are already included in the rental fees. To rent the facility, a rental fee payment, a deposit, and Agreement is required. For security purposes, the Community Center is equipped with a surveillance system to ensure the safety of its users. CAMERA POLICY

  • For Rental Inquiries, Previews, Transactions, Fob Pickup:
    • Please contact HOA staff at or 703-729-9704, press 0 during business hours Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm with inquiries about availability, policies, etc.
    • The rental payment and Agreement can be submitted electronically, however, the deposit and fob pickup must be done in person at the HOA office, by appointment only.
    • Be sure to preview our video and photos below of the Community Center building.
  • Booking Rules:
    • Must be a Broadlands Association resident member to rent. (excludes non/for profit groups)
    • Tenants must have an Absentee Owner Statement (AOS) and current lease on file with the HOA before renting.
    • A booking must be done at least (2) two weeks in advance of the event date.
    • A booking is considered complete when the HOA has the rental fee, security deposit, Agreement, liability waiver & alcohol waiver on hand.
    • This building is the only facility available for rent.
  • Rental Fees: see pricing below under Applications & Rental Steps




  1. Check availability at or 703-729-9704, press 0
  2. Review and return completed pages 5, 6 & 7 of the Resident Rental Agreement. (Please submit to You may also drop off in person, please contact for appointment)
  3. Submit rental and deposit payment (may request invoice to pay online, a check is required for the deposit)
  4. Submit host liquor license COI (if applicable)
  5. Review FAQ’s Guidelines for Use for Residents

CANCELATION POLICY: If a function is cancelled at least five (5) business days prior to the reserved use date, the paid rental fee and full security deposit will be reimbursed, minus a $50 administration fee and any additional processing fees (e.g. credit cards, PayPal) associated with the reimbursement. If cancelled within five (5) business days of the event, 50% of the paid rental fee and full security deposit will be reimbursed. All refunds will be made within 30 days.


PRICING: Contact the HOA office for Non Profit / For Profit Pricing at or 703-729-9704, press 0


  1. Check pricing, availability at or 703-729-9704, press 0
  2. Review and return completed pages 4 & 5 of the Non-Profit Agreement
  3. Submit deposit
  4. Review FAQ’s Guidelines for Use Non-Profit


  • Check pricing, availability at or 703-729-9704, press 0
  • Review and return completed pages 4, 5 & 6 of the For-Profit Agreement
  • Submit rental and deposit payment. Rental fee is based on if tuition is charged. See page 5 of the agreement for details.
  • Review FAQ’s Guidelines for Use For-Profit


Video of Community Center Interior

Trash & Recycling

patriot truck in neighboorhoodPatriot Disposal provides trash and recycling services for the Broadlands community. An environmentally-conscious company, Patriot Disposal offers a curbside recycling program that extends well beyond those offered by other haulers. 

Questions?  Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to Patriot Disposal at 1-703-257-7100 or For additional information please visit


Look under Service Details below for additional information about each service.

–Yard Waste
–Bulk/Special Items i.e. mattress, appliances, etc. (contact Patriot to confirm pickup, fees may apply)
–Bulk/Special Items i.e. mattress, appliances, etc. (contact Patriot to confirm pickup,
fees may apply)
Schedule Changes:
  • HOLIDAYS: Patriot Disposal will provide services on all holidays that fall on regularly-scheduled pickup days with the exception of: Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day
  • WEATHER: In the event of predicted inclement weather overnight, Patriot Disposal may not make the determination of whether the roads are safe for the trucks until the morning. The HOA will alert residents via this website and Broadlands Blast as soon as notifications are received from Patriot Disposal. Please keep in mind that road conditions vary by location, conditions can change rapidly, and the trucks are dispatched from Manassas.


Please do not leave your trash or recycling bins in public view on non-pickup days. This means that they should not be visible from the street, other homes, or any path behind your property. It is a violation of our covenants, Article 8, to store receptacles in public view or use shrubbery to shield them, whether in the front, back, or side yard. Please store the bins inside your garage or an approved enclosure. Violation notices will be sent to residents who do not comply, and penalty assessments may be incurred. Remember to have your trash, recycling, and yard waste at the curb by 6:00am on the designated day. Please put away your receptacles properly by 9:00am the day after trash/recycling services.

  • Single Family Homes Only:
    • Trash service for Single Family Homes is collected using a special side-loading truck. Please review the following information to ensure your trash is picked up: Automated Side Loader Info
    • Important: All trash needs to be placed in your toter. Any trash that won’t fit and is left outside the container will not be collected until the next scheduled trash day, therefore, please hold on to any trash that will not fit until then.
    • If you continue to have excess trash, an option is to purchase another toter for $45 by calling/emailing customer service at 703-257-7100 or
  • Trash must be stored in a container with a lid and not in plastic bags.
    • Using trash bags without a container is not permitted per the Loudoun County Ordinance Read More>>
    • If you have excess trash that will not fit into your container, please keep it until the next pick-up day.
  • Containers shall not exceed 50 pounds in weight.

Patriot Disposal’s weekly curbside recycling program on Thursdays includes newspapers, mixed paper, cardboard, paperboard, glass bottles and jars, metal and aluminum cans, and plastic bottles.  Each Thursday, Patriot Disposal will remove recyclable materials that have been placed at the curb for collection by 6:00am.   All recycling must fit within the bin, anything left outside will not be picked up.

Guidelines for Specific Recycling Material:

  1. Newspapers and magazines should be bundled and placed in paper grocery bags or tied with heavy twine.
  2. Glass, plastic, aluminum, and metal, food/beverage containers should be rinsed and placed in bags, cardboard boxes, or recycling bins.
  3. Plastic bags CANNOT be recycled.
    1. Please view video for details>>
    2. The HOA Outreach Program collects bags for proper recycling, click for details>>
  4. Recyclable materials can be co-mingled.
  5. Patriot Disposal will remove and recycle packing boxes and cartons placed at the curb by residents.
  6. Scrap metalPlease call Patriot Disposal to set pick-up day 1-703-257-7100: i.e. foil, pie tins, trays, pots and pans, small car parts, grills, bicycles, swings, etc. Patriot uses a special truck for these recycling items and requires advance notice.
  7. Mattress Disposal>>

A separate yard waste collection runs each Monday from March 1st through December 24th. During January & February, Yard debris (leaves, grass clippings, brush) may be mixed with trash. Yard waste may not be mixed with recycling. Patriot Disposal will remove yard waste that has been placed at the curb for collection by 6:00am.  Please note the following requirements for the collection of yard waste:

  1. Yard waste must be placed either in a bin or a paper lawn bag.
  2. Up to 10 bags, bundles, or containers not to exceed 50 pounds each
  3. Brush must be less than 4 inches in diameter, cut into 4 foot lengths, and tied in small bundles or bagged and no larger than 2 feet in diameter.
  4. Yard debris must be placed in separate containers, marked “yard waste” or in biodegradable bags. Yard waste that is put out at the curb in plastic bags will not be picked up.
  5. Yard waste must be placed at the curbside and/or designated area by 6 a.m. for collection.
  6. Food waste mixed in with yard waste will be accepted, as it can be composted.

You must call Patriot Disposal at 703-257-7100 to arrange for pick-up of bulk or special items. Fees may be charged for certain items, please inquire through Patriot’s customer service.

  • BULK ITEMS:  i.e. small furniture, mattresses, bed frames, appliances, etc.
  • SPECIAL ITEMS: The following items will be picked up using a separate truck: Electronics, used motor oil, auto batteries, appliances, and scrap metal such as foil, pie tins, trays, pots and pans, small car parts, grills, bicycles, swings, etc.   Please note the following requirements concerning the collection of special items:  (1) Items for collection must be placed at the curbside and/or designated area by 6:00 a.m. (2) Appliances containing Freon must be certified as “Freon-Free” prior to removal.

Please Tie Down Your Trash to Prevent Wind From Littering Our Neighborhood.

  • Please bind newspapers with twine or place loose papers in paper bags before setting them out at your curb.
  • Weigh down your bottles, plastics, and cans by placing heavier recyclables on top.
  • Ensure that the lid of your trash can is tightly secured. Put smaller lightweight bags of trash together in a larger heavyweight bag.
  • Don’t put trash out early and PLEASE no loose “peanuts” or other packing materials.
  • Lastly, if the trash does blow over, please pick it up even if it isn’t yours.
  • Your HOA assessment provides for curbside trash removal. There is no budgeted amount for litter removal. The Association relies on homeowners to keep their neighborhoods free of litter and their assessments reasonable.
CONTAINERS – Additional & Replacements>>

Patriot Disposal provides one wheeled, covered Toter for each residence for the collection of trash. 

  • Each town home will be provided with a 64-gallon trash toter.
  • Each single-family home will be provided with a 96-gallon trash toter. 
  • Each town home and single-family home will also be provided with one 64 gallon recycling toter or recycling bin.
  • Recycling toter and bin dimensions:
    • 64-gallon lidded toter  is 31.75″ (L) x 24.25″ (W) x 41.75″ (H)
    • open recycling bin is  19″(L) x 16″(W) x 15.5″(H)
  • Replacement Container fee for lost containers (paid by resident):   $75.00 each for trash and $50.00 each for recycling.
  • Additional Container fee (paid by resident):  $25.00 each for trash and $25.00 each for recycling containers

You are encouraged to keep a record of the serial number of your toter(s) should you need to identify it in the future.


For information on how to dispose of HHW, please click on the following link: Loudoun County Household Hazardous Waste

The following Unacceptable Waste items will not be collected, and should not be placed in the trash or set out for pickup (*see exception below for latex or water based paint). This list is limited and includes other dangerous materials as determined by state, federal or local law, or in the reasonable judgment of Patriot Disposal.


construction debris

contaminated soil

dead animals

highly-flammable substances

infectious or medical waste

liquid waste



  • *Latex:  do not put cans of liquid paint in your trash. When a liquid paint can is picked up in your trash receptacle and dumped into a trash truck, the force of the compactor will cause the can to explode. Paint gets all over the truck and will seep out on the street. If you have paint that needs to be discarded, ensure that you have thoroughly dried it out in the can or pour onto newspaper to dry, or mix with a chemical paint hardener (available at hardware stores), sawdust, mulch, or kitty litter. Place dried paint cans on top of the toter with the can lid off. Liquid paint poses a hazard to staff and to equipment.
  • Paint, Oil-based, and paint thinner:  take to a Loudoun County HHW Event.


radioactive materials

toxic materials

Assessments, Refi/Resale, Budget


FirstService Residential provides financial management for Broadlands Association, Inc.  Contact them at or 703-385-1133 for all account questions. Please review the monthly assessment and payment information below. Payments are not accepted at the Broadlands HOA office. Assessments may change year to year, therefore please check your account online or contact First Service Residential to ensure you are paying the correct amount to avoid late fees.

Please ensure your payment system reflects the correct amount. Assessment coupons are mailed to owners not enrolled in ClickPay recurring payments. To sign up for ClickPay or make payments, visit For assistance, call 888-354-0135 (option 1). Select “pay balance in full” to avoid future updates. For details of the 2024 Assessments and Budget, please refer to pages 12-17 in the December 2023 Newsletter, Our Neck of the Woods.

Property Type2024 New2023 Old
Town Homes$120$116
Demott & Silver Town Homes – landscape services)$153$148
Single Family Homes (VDOT Streets)$103$99
Single Family Homes (private Streets)$124$120
Hillside Single Family Homes (VDOT Streets – landscape services)$165$159
Courtyard Homes & Hillside-Rainer Pl (landscape services)$186$180
Park Glen Villas (landscape services – outside of fenced areas)$142$138
Southern Walk AssessmentsIf you live in the south section of Broadlands, you may be a ‘part of the sub association, Southern Walk at Broadlands. The assessment you pay for SW is for the Verizon Fios contract. Please make sure that the SW HOA assessment and the Broadlands HOA assessment are paid separately to prevent any issues with each account. For all questions related to the SW Verizon assessment, please contact the SWHOA HERE>>$75$75
Condos – The following fees are for informational purposes only as they are included when paying your condo association dues. For assessment, refi, or condo related questions, please contact condo manager, please click HERE for condo information:
–Condos (Signature and Villages)
–Condos (Demott & Silver – includes trash & road maintenance)


1. Pay via ClickPay: Partners with FirstService Residential to allow you the opportunity to submit payments directly to them through our online portal. With ClickPay you can set up an automatic payment schedule so that you have one less thing to worry about. Owners can logon to ClickPay via the FirstService Residential Connect® page, or directly at Through ClickPay, owners may make a recurring or one-time payment via e-check or credit card online or over the phone at 1-888-354-0135. Echeck payments are processed at no charge to the owner. Processing fees apply for all credit card payments. Please allow 3-5 business days, depending on the date/time and type of the payment, for the payment to reflect on your Assessment account to avoid any potential late fees. You can set up payment reminders to help keep you on track. Questions? Call 888.354.0135 (option 1) or visit

2. Pay by Check: Should you choose to pay by check or money order, please make payable to Broadlands Association, Inc. and mail to Broadlands Association, Inc., c/o FirstService Residential, P.O. Box 30403, Tampa, FL 33630-3403.


Balance inquiries, coupons & assessment questions: Contact FirstService Residential at or 703-385-1133.
Account History or Statement? Please request a “transaction history report” through

To create your account, please follow the registration steps below. Account numbers are required and can be found on your monthly coupon stub.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click Login and select the option to Create Account
Step 3: Register with your email address
Step 4: Link your account using your home address or account number

Please note: If you need any assistance registering or linking your account, please call FSR at 800-870-0010. You can also watch this step-by-step walkthrough video. Renters should submit their name and address to Condo inquiries please contact applicable management HERE>>

When set up, you can access the portal easily via the website or the mobile app. We have implemented modern security measures to ensure that your account and information are secure and protected. This provides easy access to:

– View and update your profile information
Make association payments and view your account history
Access community forms, documents, and FAQs
And much more! Learn more with this brief overview video.


Visit the First Service Residential website to place an order for resale information. Enter the zip code and you will be directed to the order site. Please be sure that you get a confirmation that you have entered all the required components of the order and that it is complete. You will have the ability to track your order. Alternately, you can call First Service Residential at 703.385.1133 to order. 

Resale Fees>>
Right to Access Properties During Inspections>>
Condo inquiries please contact applicable management HERE>>


Master Insurance Policy (COI): Please visit Griffin Owens website to obtain this information here:
Payoff/Lending Requests: All “Standard Financial Updates” are available online at under the “Order Documents & Certificates” tab.  Simply register or log in to an existing account if you have previously registered.  Please contact FirstService Residential/WelcomeLink at (888) 679-2500 with any questions or assistance navigating the website.
PUD Questionnaires Click HERE>>
Condo inquiries please contact applicable management HERE>>


If you would like a copy of the budget, please contact the HOA office at 703-729-9704 or email  Please include your name and address in your request.